Month: June 2022

  • Sudoku: Top 10 android games

    Sudoku: Top 10 android games

    One of the oldest puzzles still being played today is sudoku. Here are the top 10 Android games! Over a century old, Sudoku is one of the more established puzzles. But it’s still well-liked today as a stress reliever and a brain teaser. Older people might remember the puzzle game from newspapers, but whole books […]

  • Sudoku : Top 10 PC games of 2022

    Do you adore Sudoku puzzles? Do you truly enjoy Sudoku? The top Sudoku PC games of 2022 are presented here for your enjoyment. You can find several Sudoku problems in the games listed below that range in difficulty and will exercise your brain. Top10 PC games of 2022 Classic Sudoku Sudoku Universe Sudoku quest Color […]

  • SUDOKU : Top 10 tips for beginners

    Even though Sudoku has become quite popular, millions of people still do not know how to play the game. Are you one of those folks or a devoted Sudoku player already? You undoubtedly know the rules if you play Sudoku frequently. Due to the misconception that Sudoku is only a math-based game, many individuals do […]

  • Play Sudoku for Free!

    Powered by Sudoku is a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle. In classic Sudoku, the objective is to fill a 9 × 9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3 × 3 subgrids that compose the grid contain all of the digits from 1 to 9. The game […]

  • Top 6 PC Games on Summer Sale 2022

    Good news for PC gamers who are on a budget. The Steam Summer Sale for this year has started and will go through July 7. Prepare to save loads on thousands of PC games. All genres, including AAA hits, independent, multiplayer, cult classics, and more are experiencing price drops on Steam. You can purchase Raft: […]

  • Top 5 Athlete Mishaps while Competing

    Few activities or mishaps of great athletes are always remembered and talked about. Several outstanding athletes who excelled in the sports they played are included on this list. Men who put up astounding numbers in terms of points, yards gained on the field, strikes against batters, or goals scored. However, one act they committed—which, on […]

  • Doctor Strange – MCU Timeline

    Marvel series and big-screen movies aren’t usually released in order, despite the MCU being well into Phase 4. The MCU’s Sacred Timeline has been compiled by Disney+, which is now the definitive source for Marvel fans to know what happened when. However, due to the streamer’s recent expansions and the release of Doctor Strange in […]

  • Juul Vape Pens – Juuling Vs. Vaping

    Altria’s stock has fallen as a result of a report that the Food and Drug Administration may require Juul to remove its juuling products from retail shelves. A 35% stake in Juul is owned by the cigarette company. The FDA may order the manufacturer of electronic cigarettes to stop selling their goods as soon as […]

  • Epic Games Account on Fall guy: How to Activate and Use?

    Even though Fall Guys is available for free on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, there are a few steps you must take after downloading it to make the most of this epic games with lots of beans. After the aptly called Season 1 Free For All update, if you’re playing Fall Guys for the […]

  • Cloudflare Outage – Discord, Canva and 500 Other Sites were Brought Down Briefly

    Cloudfare secures your external-facing resources, such as websites, APIs, and applications. It protects your in-house assets, including teams, devices, and apps that run behind a firewall. You can create internationally scalable applications on it as well. According to its status page, Cloudflare had an outage on Tuesday morning. As per Downdetector, the outage appeared to […]