Ford Mustang Teaser Gives Out Details


Ford has added to the barrage of Mustang teasers with the publication of a new video and a photograph depicting the seventh-generation pony car covered in a sheet.

Starting with the latter, it doesn’t tell much but offers us an idea of the evolutionary paths taken by the Mustang. In particular, the hood’s shape resembles the current model, but the grille appears to be more upright and noticeable.

Details from the previous teaser

We can also make out a lengthy hood, a rakish windscreen, and a sharply sloping roof in other places. The design also features powerful rear fenders and what seems to be a spoiler that isn’t very large.

With a traditional manual transmission, upshifts are virtually impossible, and this is true of the brand-new Mustang as well. 

The most likely offender would be Ford’s ten-speed automatic, model 10R, which GM has been using since 2017 under the 10L name. 

General Motors created a nine-speed automatic for transverse applications as part of that agreement, but FoMoCo refuses to utilise it because it didn’t deliver the promised improvements in gas mileage.

Returning to the Flat Rock pony car, the S650 is thought to use the S550 platform, which was evolved from the D2C.

Mustang’s previous teaser

A new GT insignia with the word Performance inscribed inside the letters was displayed in the most recent Mustang teaser. Ford may have been teasing a new trim level that would sit above the GT model by doing this. The current ‘Stang has an optional GT Performance Package that includes improved brakes and a retuned suspension, so perhaps the manufacturer is going even further with the following-generation car.

A preview of the next Mustang’s rear design was included in the most recent teaser. Instead of being black between the taillights like on the current model, the back deck is body colour.

But for whatever reason, we think it’s the GT3 because this race vehicle sounds a million times better than the street car ever could.

There is that exhaust tone first. To be honest, nothing has contemporary catalytic converters on it and gets that loud and that raw. Clearly a track-only vehicle, this one. Second, that whining gear sound. Again, unless it is faulty, no street car’s transmission makes those kinds of gear noises. Finally, although this is the most subdued aspect, echoing may be heard in the audio recording.

What to expect from the new car?

On September 14, we will receive responses to our queries. Ford is making every effort to make the 2017 Mustang’s introduction memorable because that is when it will make its debut. Although a two-week road trip named The Drive Home officially starts on September 6 in Tacoma, Washington, the carmaker stated that over 1,000 Mustang owners had signed up to take part in The Stampede on 14th September. After travelling across numerous states, a Ford caravan will finally arrive in Dearborn for the cruise to the launch.

At the next Stampede celebration, which will hold a costume contest to honour the Mustang’s lengthy history and provide some nice prizes for fans as well, a sizable crowd will get to see the 2024 Mustang make its live debut. In addition, FoMoCo CEO Jim Farley is already soliciting fan questions on the S650 that he will address in a future episode of his Drive podcast on Spotify for those who can’t attend the unveiling in person.

Mustang fans are indeed thrilled about the release, and honestly, what’s not thrilling? The coolest car of all time coming back into the mainstream? Of course. This is going to be the biggest release so far.