Mazda MX-30 Is Sold Out In America 

The Mazda MX-30 electric car’s bizarre life hasn’t changed much as of 2022. When word spread that it had sold out, many more worries about the model arose, specifically whether it signified Mazda was giving up on the MX-30 in America. Although we contacted the firm and obtained some clarity, the car’s future is still unclear.

We interpret this to suggest that Mazda has sold every 2022 MX-30 it planned to produce for the United States, and that, except for production problems, it would have met the 560 objective. The spokesperson responded, “Mazda hasn’t yet revealed any information on the 2023 model year MX-30,” when pressed for only a confirmation of an electric vehicle, not even the ostensibly still-planned range extender. Soon, they will provide more information on the electrification approach, according to the representative. 

About Mazda MX-30 

The MX-30 SUV is the first ever electric model launched by Mazdal. It has a stylish exterior and a comfortable interior, but it falls behind in sufficient driving range. The elegant body provides a roofline corresponding to a coupe and rear doors that open in a similar manner as that of a BMW i3 electric vehicle. The EV Mazda SUV’s front wheels are driven by a 143-hp electric motor, and its 30.0-kWh battery pack has a range of up to 100 miles. 

The electric vehicle and internal combustion engine (ICE) CX-30 share a common base, however the EV stands out due to several distinct bodywork modifications. An EV doesn’t require channelling as much air into an intake for cooling as an internal combustion engine does, thus the CX-30’s aggressive, gaping grille is gone.

Except for one aspect—slow—Mazda it’s vehicles often excel when it comes to the driving experience, and the MX-30 is no exception. Despite an electric powertrain’s inherent torque advantage, the MX-30 is no faster than a standard economy car.

The beak future of Mazda MX-30 

It is obvious that Mazda didn’t use its full marketing force to promote the MX-30. When corporate representatives did bring it up in conversation, they typically used dubious justifications, such as the assertion that it was more of a backup car, to support their claims. Hence, the brand was going down.

Whether the MX-30 was a covert compliance vehicle or someone at Mazda really saw potential in it, the firm is still lagging behind in the electrification race. Its subsequent effort must more extensively address the demands and preferences of customers.

What does the company have to say?

When asked to comment on the recent strategies and the sold out cars, this is what the representatives had to say.

“The introduction of the 2022 MX-30 EV in California was successful, and the model sold out in July. Five hundred and five of the planned 560 units were sold for the 2022 model year. The 2022 model year MX-30 production and U.S. sales were moderately impacted by production shortage. 

“Mazda has not shared any new updates on this model. We cannot comment on future products but look forward to sharing further details regarding our electrification strategy soon.”

What does this mean for the Mazda?

So it appears that the MX-30 BEV has been discontinued in the US, maybe indefinitely, after only being on sale in California for a total of 10 months and falling short of its modest sales objective by 10%. Since this EV is even rarer than the first Tesla Roadster, congrats to the owners!

But what future goals does Mazda have? Mazda has other EVs in the works; just last year, it informed us that it would introduce three new EVs by 2025. We hope that the MX-30, which sold out too soon, is not one of them.