Top 15 Funniest Wildlife Photos

Funniest Wildlife Photos

Top 15 Funniest Wildlife Photos: We are here to change your perspective on wildlife animals of being fierce and deadly; we are here to make you fall in love with them instead while you try to control your laughter looking at these masterpieces.

The nicest thing about animals is that they are unexpected, which makes them completely entertaining. Still not convinced? All of these images serve as proof. After scrolling through this article, you’ll never look at the wildlife animals the same way again.

We bring you the top 15 funniest Wildlife photos from the finalists in Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Top 15 Funniest Wildlife Photos

1. The Baboon Who Feels Like A Tenor.

Photograph by Clemence Guinard.

Clemence Guinard saw a baboon that appeared to be about to break into song and labelled the photograph “The Baboon Who Feels Like A Tenor.”
“This hamadryas baboon began to yawn while resting with its burden down a route in the Saudi Arabian highlands,” Guinard reported. “But the beautiful attitude of its paws, its fluffy cape, its eyes that looked as if it had applied makeup — in front of the camera, this baboon was on stage, ready to satisfy its audience and begin its tenor solo.” Every single characteristic of the baboon makes it the number 1 of the Funniest Wildlife Photos!

2. “OUCH!!”

Photograph by Ken Jensen.

“Ouch!” exclaims the monkey in Ken Jensen’s photograph.
Jensen described a “golden silk monkey in Yunnan, China.” “This is actually an aggressive display, yet the monkey appears to be in an uncomfortable situation!”

The picture itself makes you laugh out loud and hence it is our number 2 of the Funniest Wildlife Photos

3. “Mr. Giggles”

Photograph by Martina Novotna.

Martina Novotna’s “Mr. Giggles” depicts a grey seal pup chuckling.
Novotna remarked, “I loved the expression captured.” “It appears to be human-like. I lay immobile on a rocky beach for hours, quietly waiting for seal life to unfold around me. This seal pup came to the coast for a rest and ended up resting for hours on its selected rock before the approaching tide forced it to relocate farther inland. It would stretch and yawn now and then, and one of those yawns resulted in this smile, as if the seal was chuckling.”

4. “Telephone”

Photograpgh by Jan Piecha.

The raccoons in Jan Piecha’s “Telephone” look to be gossiping.
“The small raccoon cubs are telling each other secrets,” Piecha wrote. Unfortunately, none of us will ever know the secret.

5. “Missed”

Photograph by Lea Scaddan.

In “Missed,” Lea Scaddan grabbed a kangaroo with inaccurate aim.
Scaddan writes, “Two western grey kangaroos were fighting, and one missed kicking him in the stomach.”

The very weird situation here makes it to the top 5 of the Funniest Wildlife Photos.

6. “The Ministry of Silly Walks”

Photograph by NICOLAS REUSENS.

“The Ministry of Silly Walks” is a sketch from Monty Python’s Flying Circus, according to Reusens. “The skit, a parody on bureaucratic ineptitude, stars John Cleese as a bowler-hatted civil officer in a hypothetical British government ministry in charge of promoting ridiculous walks through grants.” This image reminded me a lot of this amazing doodle.”

This is a picture of Steller sea eagle, taken in Hokkaido, Japan. This photograph got final nomination in COMEDY WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS and hence how it cannot be on the list of Funniest Wildlife Photos!

7. “Treehugger.”

Photograph by Jakub Hodan.

In Jakub Hodan’s “Treehugger,” a monkey looks to be kissing a tree trunk.
Hodan writes, “This proboscis monkey might be rubbing its nose on the rough bark, or it could be kissing it.” “Monkeys rely heavily on trees in their daily life. Who are we to pass judgement?”

The melancholy romantic in me makes me laugh on this picture every now and then and hence we have it here in the list of Funniest Wildlife Photos!

8. “Directing Penguin”

Photograph by Carol Taylor.

Carol Taylor’s “Directing Penguin” depicts a penguin appearing to instruct another penguin.
“Two gentoo penguins discussing after emerging from the waves,” Taylor wrote.

9. “Brother you cannot play hide and seek, you’re spotted!”

Photograph by Gerardo Flores.

A fantastic comedy photo was made possible by two brothers in the Masaai Mara with some good timing. “We noticed two cheetah brothers simply sleeping around twilight on the first day of our journey to Kenya,” Flores explained. “When one of them began rolling on the ground, I got out my camera and began filming.” The end consequence is a cheetah who laughs heartily.”

This picture is of two Cheetahs, taken in Masaai Mara, Kenya. This Photograph also got nominated for COMEDY WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS.

10. “Shhh! I’m so hungover it aches.”

Photograph by Anita Ross.

“Shhh! I’m so hungover it aches,” the owl in Anita Ross’ shot appears to be saying.
“Burrowing owl juveniles are really entertaining to see,” Ross wrote. “I was drawn to this burrowing owl because he appeared to be hungover.”

This photograph had to get a spot in the list of Funniest Wildlife Photos as it is the most relatable of them all. Who doesn’t hate Mondays?!

11. “The Proposal”

Photograph by Gerg Harvey.

Some refer to it as puppy love. Others may have no problem calling it cubs in love… Either that or one of the cubs is reprimanding the other for pooping in the salad.

This photograph is Alaskan Brown Bear, taken in Lake Clark National Park.

12. “A Quick Pick”

Photograph by Rick Beldegreen.

“After travelling for many hours to locate this gorilla family, we were fortunate to see numerous newborns,” Beldegreen added. “All of their activities are fascinating and engaging, like as this kid who engaged in a ‘deep dive’ nose pick while Mom was not watching.”

This photograph is of Mountain gorilla, mom & baby, Rwanda.

13. “Gotcha!”

Photograph by Hupin Teoh.

This blenny was hiding in and peeping out from the coral cleft, playing hide and seek with the divers. It took subtlety and care to capture this moment, and then…Gotcha!

This photograph is of  Blue-striped fangblenny fish, taken in Weh Island, Indonesia.

14. “Snow yoga”

Photograph by Shayne Mcguire.

A fox leaped after a vole and landed well, but got stuck straight up for a few seconds, much to McGuire’s delight. This pictures ticks all the boxes to be in the list of Funniest Wildlife Photos.

This Photograph is of Red Fox, taken in Yellowstone Park, U.S.

15. “Photo bomb”

Photograph by Anne Lingner.

Ground squirrels live in groups called colonies. Each one, though, has its own burrow. They are usually envious when a “neighbour” gets something good to eat, which frequently leads to little squabbles. In this image, a squirrel has discovered a barley corn, and the gopher in the background is attempting to grab it from him. All this hardwork only to appear as someone to photobomb makes this picture hilarious and hence secures its place in the top 15 of the funniest wildlife photos.

We hope you had an amazing time scrolling through our “Top 15 Funniest Wildlife Photos” Article.

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