WhatsApp: 5 Lesser Known Things

WhatsApp has progressively assimilated into our daily life. With features like message forwarding, group messaging, and more, it is highly helpful for students and those who work in an office in addition to facilitating communication with friends and family. Even though WhatsApp has recently been under fire for privacy-related issues, it still maintains an advantage over rival messaging services like Telegram and Signal. WhatsApp’s array of services compels users to think twice before using another platform. 

While many of WhatsApp’s capabilities are well-known to all users, there are a few that are less well-known but can still be very useful to you.

Formatting chats 

Users may use bold font when sending messages to draw attention to certain terms and arrange sentences. There is however more to it. If you want to share your thoughts in words more clearly, you can structure your dialogue in italics and strike through the words.

By adding an asterisk on each side of your word, you can bold your chat.

Additionally, by placing underscores on either side of your word, you can add italics to your discussion.

Also, your text can go with strikethrough by enclosing it in a tilde.

These symbols will format your chat messages once you press the Send button.

Private voice messages 

Many WhatsApp users would rather send voice communications than text messages. The problem with voice messages is that they automatically play on the loudspeaker, so if you’re not in a private area, everyone nearby can hear the audio message. 

Thankfully, WhatsApp has a clever, little-known solution to this issue. Raise your phone to your ear like you would when making a voice call when playing an audio message on WhatsApp. When WhatsApp notices this, the audio message is played through the voice call speaker rather than the loudspeaker.

Automatic message disappear 

This is pretty much something everyone would like to do.

Go into the WhatsApp chat you wish to modify the settings for, and then click the user’s or the group chat’s name at the top of the screen. The “Disappearing messages” option can be found in the menu screen that follows; scroll down to find it and tap it to turn it on.

Everyone’s communications will be deleted as a result, however, keep in mind that you may only use this setting for group conversations in which you are the admin.

Prevent media from getting saved on the phone 

Your photographs and videos from WhatsApp are downloaded and saved automatically to the gallery on your phone. As a result, the user may run out of storage space on the device and have to manually remove pictures and videos. Go to “Settings” and select the “Storage and Data” option to prevent this. 

There are choices for downloading media files through phone, WiFi, and roaming under the “Media auto-download” option. The auto-download must be turned off by simply tapping into each box without opening it. And, your media won’t be saved anymore.

Find out the person you text most 

You might be conversing and exchanging information with many people on the app, but do you want to know who you talk to the most and with whom you use the most data and storage? It is possible to determine that. To find out the list of people or groups you message the most, go to Settings on your Android or iOS phone and select Data and storage usage>Storage usage.

Well, this might not exactly be a necessity, but it is a cool trick for everyone to know. You can even pin those chats if they are impotent enough.

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