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Finland move toward NATO 2022

According to diplomats and officials, Finland is set to announce its intention to join Nato on Thursday, with Sweden likely to follow shortly after, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine reshapes European security and the Atlantic military alliance. Five diplomats and officials told Reuters that Nato allies expect Finland and Sweden to be given membership swiftly, […]


French Election 2022 Results – Emmanuel Macron and Ms. Le Pen

Emmanuel Macron, the first sitting French president to be re-elected in 20 years, has been re-elected as President of France. Mr. Macron, a centrist, won 58.5% of the vote in the second round of voting, defeating nationalist-populist Marine Le Pen. Emmanuel Macron has won France’s presidential election, defeating far-right rival Marine Le Pen in a […]

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What is Day 420? Origin, Popularity, and Celebrations 

Day 420, 4:20, or 4/20 (pronounced four-twenty) is cannabis culture slang for marijuana and hashish consumption, particularly smoking around 4:20 p.m., as well as cannabis-related festivals, held yearly on April 20 (which is 4/20 in US form). On April 20, cannabis dispensaries in states where cannabis is legal will frequently offer discounts on their products. […]

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Top 8 Deadliest Mass Shootings in the USA

USA is unfortunately infamous for some of the deadliest mass shootings, the latest being where multiple shooters (according to Sacramento police), were involved in a mass shooting early Sunday in downtown Sacramento that killed six adults and injured 12 others. According to Sacramento police Chief Kathy Lester, the shootings occurred after a massive fight and […]


5 Countries that have Banned Religious Attires

Across Karnataka, massive rallies for and against the wearing of the ‘hijab‘ and religious attires in educational institutions have erupted. The situation deteriorated on Tuesday when a Muslim female wearing a hijab entered the institution, followed by a group of boys wearing saffron scarves who screamed “Jai Shri Ram”. The protest began when two Muslim […]

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5 Mark Zuckerberg Biggest Controversies/Scandals

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO, and co-founder of Facebook/Meta has spent the last decade supervising the company’s rise to prominence in everyday life. From the company’s initial public offering in 2012 to the purchase of Instagram and WhatsApp, it has been a huge success, making Zuckerberg one of the world’s wealthiest people. Although the company has […]


What is a Humanitarian Corridor? How is it used During the Times of Crisis?

Concerns for millions of citizens caught in the crossfire are growing as more Ukrainian towns and cities fall under siege. Russia proposed the creation of humanitarian corridors for citizens to flee, but there appeared to be little interest. Ukraine and others criticized the evacuation routes, which primarily went to Russia and its ally Belarus. Even […]


Why are so many Indian Students still Unable to Leave Ukraine?

On Wednesday, Russia claimed that Indian students stuck in Ukraine’s war-torn country had been taken. In the meantime, Ukraine claims the students have become “hostages of Russian armed aggression.” India has requested safe passage from both Russia and Ukraine as it intensifies its attempts to evacuate its citizens stranded in war-torn Ukraine. During the evacuation, […]