10 Hilarious Reddits that will Brighten your Day

10 Hilarious Reddits that will Brighten your Day

When you’re unhappy, it could seem as though nothing will make you feel better. Or perhaps you’re just incredibly bored and in need of some humor. In either case, Reddit might be the solution to your problems.

On Reddit, there are several groups devoted to laughter and smiles. Here are some of the funniest Reddits we think might provide you with your daily dosage of laughter.

10 Hilarious Reddits of All Time

  1. There are some images that simply cannot be duplicated. Photographers who just so happened to have ideal timing can be found at r/perfecttiming. You’ll see timed images of animals being photobombed as well as images of funny accidents captured in action.
10 Hilarious Reddits that will Brighten your Day

2. Videos that initially appear to be normal can be found on r/unexpected. However, something absolutely unexpected occurs at the video’s end. Occasionally they’re just plain awesome, and other times they’re hilarious.

3. When someone says, “Hold my beer!” at a party, nothing positive ever happens. It’s the kind of statement that generally comes before an absurd stunt. Videos of ridiculous (but funny) things individuals do after drinking beer can be found on the website r/holdmybeer.

4. You must visit r/dndmemes if you enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons. There is a heck of a lot of humorous memes that make fun of the D&D experience as a whole, covering anything from strange lore to amusing table manners that we’ve all seen. Most of the jokes might not make sense if you’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons, but if you plan to soon, this can be a fantastic way to ease yourself in!

5. The deadpan humour version of typical meme comedy, r/antimeme presents popular memes unadorned, untwisted, and straight. Antijokes, if you will. Of course, not everyone finds humour in anti-jokes, so you might not find any in them. Then, by all means, skip this one. Below, you can find a tonne more reddits to explore.

6. If you’re familiar with “starter packs,” they are collections of text and images that serve as basic narratives of specific characters, events, or circumstances. One of the best sites to look online for fresh and funny starter packs is r/starterpacks. Here, users discuss a wide range of subjects, including starter packs for contemporary Disney movies and starter packs for the typical American basement.

7. There is a lot of relatable humour to be found in r/programmerhumor, whether you’re a software engineer with years of experience or a student taking programming classes. You won’t be able to stop laughing (and even crying) at how relatable these posts are, from imposter syndrome jokes to StackOverflow memes. You’ll probably be able to relate even if you’re not a programmer!

8. Twitter has recently become the most highly charged social media network in the world today, with political discussions penetrating every nook and cranny. For this, r/nonpoliticaltwitter was born. As long as the conversations don’t involve politics, this topic is intended to laugh along with (and sometimes laugh at) the funny, weird, and absurd interactions that take place on Twitter.

9. While r/tiktokcringe was originally created as a place to share cringe-inducing TikTok films, it has since transformed into a platform to showcase all other types of TikTok videos. You’ll find a lot of different content here—a lot of it can be funny—whether they’re cringy, sad, educational, or outrageous. If you just want to see funny things, you can filter the subreddit by posts tagged as “Humor.”

10. Another TikTok-focused Reddit is r/fixedbytheduet, but this one emphasizes creative and humorous movies that meet two needs: first, they must include a TikTok video that is flawed in some way, and second, they must include a TikTok Duet that fixes the original video.

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