15+ Worst Burns of Gordon Ramsay

15+ Worst Burns of Gordon Ramsay

Over the years we’ve come to know—and love—Gordon Ramsay for his short temper and over-the-top freak-outs on cooking shows like Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, and Kitchen Nightmares. Gordon Ramsay has a way with words while he’s on the air; he frequently uses the word “crap” to describe the food he’s eating, but he also uses it to express his confusion at how inept some chefs can be. However, some of his searing insults are better and better than others, so we decided to compile the best of the best. Enjoy, you idiot sandwiches!

Worst Insults of Gordon Ramsay

  1. Idiot Sandwiches 

The call and response insult, which is arguably Gordon Ramsay’s most well-known one, even involves literally sandwiching one’s face between two slices of bread. Ouch.

  1. A very hot take

Despite its potentially cannibalistic implications, this fiery lashing is nevertheless entertaining in some way.

  1. Like a Prayer

Saying grace and pleading with the higher powers to keep you from throwing up might be the ultimate backhanded insult, and we’re here for it.

  1. Move it, Grandpa 

One of the most uncomfortable things we’ve ever heard.

  1. Eff off!

The least imaginative of all, but still incredibly hilarious.

  1. Zero Confidence 

The most classic burn involves edifying someone before tearing them apart in the conclusion.

  1. Bye Bye, Botox

One of the sassiest television interactions ever will be remembered for this moment. 

  1. The shocker 

Another traditional lead-up, then a slap in the face.

  1. Pissed- Off Pun 

Good one, Gordon!

  1.  Pretty Ballsy 

This one-liner completely blew the filter off.

  1. The Silent Treatment 

He didn’t even need to speak in this situation. Gordon Ramsay’s facial expressions and actions speak for themselves.

  1. Butt Stuff 

Gordon, are you sure that’s what you want to do?

  1. The Jackpot 

This is the ultimate Gordon Ramsay burn: a few F-bombs, an attack on appearance, and a little rhyme.

  1. What are you?

This one is a classic that has been repeated a thousand times as a meme. It’s a double whammy, too. The cook who made the error is first asked, “What are you?” before Gordon prompts her to respond, “An idiot sandwich.” But it’s not just that he makes her repeat the insult; he also takes two pieces of bread and slaps them on either side of her face as he says it. He had to use the sandwich visual to turn her embarrassment into a meme in addition to reminding her how terrible she was.

  1. Need something to soothe the burn

While we’re certain that every cook under Gordon’s instruction needs to go home at the end of the night and ice some burns, this guy could have some trouble running a cool bath. In reference to the way the cook was handling the kitchen, Gordon said, “I wouldn’t trust you running a bath, let alone a restaurant.” This one stands out because it goes beyond just the cook’s skill in the kitchen; rather, Ramsay is implying that the cook lacks the intelligence to manage the restaurant’s kitchen, which is the ultimate put-down.

  1. Are We In a Movie? 

Gordon tells a chef: “This crab is so undercooked I can still hear it singing ‘Under the Sea’,” in yet another of his patented pop-culture disses. That is a direct reference to the singing crab Sebastian from The Little Mermaid for those who aren’t Disney fans. Gordon’s kids are simply too young for the original Ariel movie, but he clearly keeps up with pop culture, as he was aware that fans everywhere would probably recognize the reference. It’s funny for viewers, but it also conveys the message to his cooks, who, incidentally, never manage to thoroughly prepare any meat or seafood entrée!

  1. Some More Salt and Pepa

Another pop culture reference that wins Gordon major points with those who were born in the 1980s and 1990s is the well-known Salt N Pepa song. Even more recently, a number of US TV commercials featured their iconic song. But in this instance, the fact that Salt N Pepa—or more precisely, salt and pepper—appeared on Gordon’s show wasn’t a good thing. “You added so much salt and pepper, I can hear the dish singing ‘Push It,'” he told the chef. And while this made the audience spit out their drinks and laugh uncontrollably, the person being insulted wasn’t as happy.

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