Want to Learn Something New? Elon Musk suggests these 2 topics, and says ‘You won’t regret it’

Elon Musk suggests these 2 topics, and says ‘You won’t regret it’

Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, is not only a brilliant businessman but also a pioneer in technology. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is well-known on the social media site Twitter, where he interacts with his millions of followers and actively posts intriguing content and his opinions.

Elon Musk recently offered two excellent suggestions for beginner classes that anyone looking to learn something new may enroll in. Musk posted a recent tweet rather than replying to earlier ones. The two topics which he suggests are “Materials Science 101” and “Astronomy”.

“Take Materials Science 101. You won’t regret it,” Musk wrote on Saturday, adding “Astronomy too” in another tweet.

What are Materials Science? 

An interdisciplinary area of science known as materials science studies the cover properties, applications, design, and discovery of new materials. Ceramics, metals, polymers, and composites are some of these materials. It includes physics, chemistry, and engineering components. Basic 101 courses are designed for all kinds of students, whether they have a background in science or not. It is used in a number of significant industries, including semiconductors.

On the other hand, studying everything outside of Earth and its atmosphere is the more well-known astronomy topic. Astronomy is an exciting subject that attracts students of all ages to its basic courses.

Elon Musk Education

Musk, whose early education was completed in his native South Africa, holds a Bachelor of Science in economics from the Wharton School in the US and a Bachelor of Arts in physics from the University of Pennsylvania. In fact, Musk was accepted into a materials science Ph.D. program at Stanford University. Still, he opted to jump into the internet boom instead, beginning his path to become a tech tycoon with a net worth of over $270 billion.

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