Ganguly on Kohli: Ganguly clarified his major comments on Kohli’s poor behavior and expulsion from the 16-player squad.


Saurav Ganguly Regarding Virat Kohli, Ganguly has backed him and predicted that he will soon get back into shape. According to Ganguly, Kohli has amassed a sizable number of runs in international cricket. It is impossible without excellence.


Virat Kohli, India’s great batsman and former captain, has not had a good few years. He has had trouble getting runs. He hasn’t been able to record a century in international cricket in the past two and a half years. He has been seen leaving in a different manner in each game. In this situation, his century is anxiously anticipated by the crowd. The current president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Sourav Ganguly, has expressed optimism that Virat will soon display incredible batsmanship.

Virat Kohli has amassed a sizable number of runs in international cricket, according to Ganguly, who was speaking to the media in London. His representations speak for themselves. Without capability and quality, it cannot happen. Yes, he has had some difficult moments recently, and he is aware of this. For India, Virat has been a fantastic performer.

Virat Kohli has the ability to come back

Virat realises that his recent run-scoring performance has fallen short of his usual level, according to Ganguly. I anticipate him returning and predicting that he will once more score a lot of runs. As he has been doing for the past 12–13 years, Virat will need to find a method to succeed if he is to regain his form. It can only be done by Virat Kohli.

Veterans have reported experiencing this.

These things will occur in the game, according to Ganguly. Numerous outstanding cricketers in the past have also experienced this. Everyone, even Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, and I, has experienced this phase. There is no doubt that many more players will experience this in the future. It’s all part of the fun. As a player, ignore everything else and carry on with your normal game.

Acknowledged in the British Parliament

Additionally, the British Parliament in London has recognised Ganguly. I was honoured as a Bengali by the British Parliament, he stated in reference to this. So, it’s a satisfying feeling. The Parliament hosted this programme. He got in touch with me six months ago. Every year, they offer this honour, and this time I was the recipient.

Responses to the difficulties encountered during Corona

When asked about his challenges as BCCI President during Corona, Ganguly responded, “It was challenging since no one had seen Kovid before this.” The world came to a standstill, but we continued playing cricket. As you are aware, there was a battle over broadcasting rights. We’re delighted about it.

Indian cricket is in a good place.

I never associate wealth with sports, although having money is a good thing, according to Ganguly. The infrastructure is strengthened as a result. Indian cricket is doing well right now. Someone else will take Indian cricket ahead after my term is up. The game is advanced by the players and administrators.

What about Sri Lanka’s Asia Cup?

I am unable to comment at this time over having the Asia Cup there in the midst of the existing issue in Sri Lanka, according to Ganguly. We’ll keep an eye out. Australia is currently competing there. The Sri Lankan squad is performing admirably. Take another month.

A disagreement existed between Ganguly and Virat.

The fact that Virat gets along well with BCCI President is significant given that Kohli was relieved of his limited overs captaincy following the T20 World Cup in 2017. After that, Ganguly and Virat got into a heated argument. Indian cricket was shaken by the language from both sides. But things now appear to be going smoothly. In England, an ODI series is being played by the Indian squad. On Thursday, the second game will be played. In this game, supporters will be looking for runs from Virat’s bat.