6 Genuinely Talented Actors with Famous Parents

6 Genuinely Talented Actors with Famous Parents

Like both of her famous parents who are actors, Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, Maya Hawke is quickly rising to the top of the acting world due to the recent success of Stranger Things and the upcoming release of her new movie Do Revenge.

There’s a bit of a stigma surrounding famous children of celebrities, as many rightly believe that they’re given more chances and opportunities than people without celebrity relatives. However, it wasn’t just their renowned parents that contributed to their success as actors and actresses; there are many others.

6 Genuinely Talented Actors with Famous Parents

  1. Tracee Ellis Ross

Many people are shocked to learn that Tracee Ellis Ross is the daughter of pop icon Diana Ross, who has recently won over fans with her performance in Netflix’s Black-Ish

Despite having different fields of expertise, the mother and daughter share several traits that go far beyond talent. Tracee Ellis Ross is “talented and famous in her own right,” according to Reddit user galileofigaro1, who thinks her rising fame is well-deserved. She has earned a reputation for herself in some of the most well-liked shows of the present day and doesn’t merely rely on her mother’s fame.

  1. Dakota Johnson 

The fact that Dakota Johnson is the daughter of Don Johnson, an actor best recognized for his performance in Miami Vice, may not have been widely known. Contrary to many other famous children, she has built her profession over the years through several notable and successful endeavors.

Dakota Johnson is “talented in her own right,” according to Reddit user theblackswarm, and the enormous success of her first big series, Fifty Shades of Grey, supports this statement. She is currently seen in Cooper Raiff’s Cha Cha Real Smooth, one of the top coming-of-age films that sadly doesn’t get enough attention.

  1. Jared Harris 

Jared Harris’s performance in Chernobyl, which is frequently hailed as the best binge-able miniseries available, is likely what audiences will remember him from most.

It is undeniable that Harris’ talent transcends his bloodline because he gives a career-best performance in the production.

The well-known Richard Harris is Jared Harris’ father, even though their very different professional backgrounds would make this difficult to recognize at first.

Jared Harris is referred to as a “fantastic actor” by Reddit user winoforever slurp_, who compliments some of his best performances in Chornobyl.

  1. Zoë Kravitz

Even if Lenny Kravitz’s relation to Zo Kravitz is more clear because of her last name, there is no disputing that Zo Kravitz has established a strong career for herself. She has been in some of the most well-liked films in recent memory, such as The Batman and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Reddit user thybro appreciates Kravitz’s work throughout the years, calling her a “great actor” who “consistently choose[s] the right roles.” Despite the comparable personalities of the two legends, she doesn’t rely on her father’s success to get where she is now.

  1. Jack Quaid 

Jack Quaid is one of the most sought-after actors in the industry and is best known for his part in Amazon’s The Boys. In addition, he recently starred in the Scream sequel, and he will soon be seen in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer. However, despite having famous parents, Quaid’s success is entirely due to his theatrical prowess and natural charisma.

Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan, two of the most well-known actors of the 1980s, are Quaid’s parents. It makes sense that Jack Quaid would benefit a little bit professionally from this, but his success from The Boys can only be attributed to the caliber and appeal of the program. Unconfusedsub, a Redditor, concurs and calls him “a really good actor.”

  1. Rashida Jones 

Rashida Jones’ famous parents are frequently neglected or forgotten, which may be because of the popularity of her last name. She is actually the daughter of renowned record producer Quincy Jones and well-known actress Peggy Lipton.

Despite coming from a famous family, Rashida Jones’ path to recognition was very different from that of her parents. She excels in comedy, and two of her most well-known works are The Office and Parks and Recreation. Rashida Jones most certainly embodies the idea that “a lot of the old Hollywood stars’ kids” are succeeding in achieving fame.

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