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5 Shortest Flights in the World

5 Shortest Flights in the World

The shortest flight in the world reaches its destinations in one minute and 14 seconds. Noel Philips, a travel blogger, recorded the flight and uploaded the video to YouTube. The flight connects Westray and Papa Westray, two Scottish islands in the Orkney archipelago. There are only 2.7 kilometers between the two locations. The flight operates in a triangular shape, going from Papa Westray to Westray to Kirkwall because the route also includes Kirkwall.

If one looks at the price for each kilometer traveled, the shortest flight in the world is also the most expensive journey. The cost of this flight’s tickets is fixed at £17, or approximately Rs 1,643. Loganair runs the service, which has two scheduled departures in a day.

It can accommodate up to nine passengers at once, according to Stuff.

The building of a bridge may simply replace the flight, but as of right now, no action has been taken by the local government. Locals and travelers alike regularly use the location as their only mode of transportation. An additional transportation option is a 20-minute boat excursion through choppy waters.

Sharing his experience of taking the world’s shortest flight, Noel, in the title wrote, “Onboard the World’s SHORTEST Flight: 80 seconds long!”

The video has garnered more than 2 lakh views since being shared. Netizens quickly posted their comments in the comment section with their reactions. One user said, “Imagine if you have a two-hour delay for this flight. It is probably faster to just walk and swim there.”

Another commented, “Superb! Always wondered what these flights would be like and now I know.” “Amazing! I wonder if there is also a ferry service. Someone could hold their breath for the entire time the flight was airborne,” wrote one user.

5 Shortest Flights in the World

Although it takes less time to travel by plane, it still requires a lot of time and energy to get on a plane and fly. Flying is therefore time-consuming in addition to being complicated. But what if your flight is over in just two minutes?

Will you be excited to board the flight? Here are the World’s shortest flights 

  1. Westray and Papa Westray 

From Westray and Papa Westray is the shortest flight in the world, taking less than two minutes. Passengers can travel between these places in about 47 seconds if the wind flow is favorable. A 20-minute, bumpy boat journey is the only other option for this 1.7-mile flight.

Flight time: Less than 2 minutes 

  1. Karpathos and Kasos

According to reports, Olympic Air flights only take about 5 minutes to carry passengers between these two Greek islands. However, it is possible to travel the entire 12 miles aboard a ferry, which will take more than an hour.

Flight time: Around 5 minutes 

  1. St. Marteen and Anguilla 

The Princess Juliana International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, is located in St. Maarten. To watch the jets that fly directly overhead, people visit the beach.

Flight time: 10 minutes 

  1. Connemara and Inis Mor 

In less than 10 minutes, you can take a flight from Connemara to Inverin and arrive in Inis Mór. Then there are planes that will take you to Inis Oirr and Inis Meáin, the other two islands.

Flight Time: less than 10 minutes 

  1. St. Maarten and Saba 

St. Maarten is about a 15-minute ride away from Saba Island, a Dutch territory in the Caribbean. To see Saba’s Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, which is famous for having the world’s shortest commercial runway, you can choose to fly between these locations.

Flight time: 15 minutes 

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