1500 Americans still in Afghanistan

According to Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, around 1,500 American citizens are in Afghanistan, with about a third of them in communication with the US administration and hoping to depart in the coming days. Mr. Blinken suggested that some of the remaining 1,000 people may not want to go, citing an ever-changing number that the … Read more

Should Social Media ban Taliban

Should the Taliban be banned? If one found the decision of Social Media companies of banning the former US President Donald Trump problematic, it is nothing compared to the devastating web presence of the Taliban. When the Taliban were in power in the state of Afghanistan back from 1996 to 2001, only one per cent … Read more

Afghan Women are afraid of the future

“On my way home today, I passed by the beauty parlour where I used to get my manicures. An Afghan female university student wrote , “The shop front, which had been adorned with lovely photos of girls, had been whitewashed overnight.” Women in Afghanistan fear that now that the Taliban has retaken control, their civil … Read more