Is there a chance that the cryptocurrency bill will pass?

The ‘Crypto-token Regulation Bill of 2018’ proposed outright prohibition of virtual currency. The bill was eventually rejected after significant lobbying by business interests. Instead, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued an order in April 2018 instructing banks to avoid trading in virtual currencies or providing services related to them. The order was appealed by … Read more

Today’s update on Cryptocurrency Bill, 2021.

The Cryptocurrency and Official Digital Currency Regulation Bill 2021 is currently being debated in Parliament. Updates in Real Time: The crypto business is looking for favourable regulation that will allow for limited investment and trading in digital assets. Bill 2021 in Parliament on Cryptocurrency and Official Digital Currency (Updates): During the current Winter Session, the … Read more

The Bill That Caused The Massive Crypto Crash Is Expounded

Official Digital Currency Regulation and Cryptocurrency Bill 2021 aims to build a framework that will make it easier for the Reserve Bank of India to launch an official digital currency. All crypto values dropped by 15% or more hours after the government said that it will introduce the cryptocurrency law in Parliament’s winter session, which … Read more

A bill on cryptocurrency is one of 29 that will be introduced this year.

 PM Modi recently chaired a high-level meeting with officials from various ministries and the RBI on the topic of cryptocurrency during the Winter Session. New Delhi, India: During the Winter Session, which begins on November 29, 2021, a Bill to prohibit all private cryptocurrencies in India with limited restrictions is scheduled to be taken up … Read more

Experts propose options for the worst-case scenario as the Cryptocurrency Bill approached.

In the midst of India’s ongoing discussion about cryptocurrency regulation, a cloud of anxiety and uncertainty hangs over the country’s crypto ecosystem, as the government has hinted that the Cryptocurrency Bill will be introduced in the Winter Session. According to BrokerChooser, a broker search and comparison website, India now has over 10 crore cryptocurrency investors … Read more

India intends to ‘fast track’ a new cryptocurrency bill and seeks to regulate cryptocurrency in a’middle path,’ according to a report.

India is rumoured to be modifying its crypto bill in order to introduce it at the start of Parliament’s Winter Session. India is now attempting to regulate cryptocurrency. According to the Economic Times, which cited an unnamed government source, the government is now examining a “middle way” to regulate cryptocurrency that balances all stakeholders’ concerns. … Read more