Seen any of these obscure cars?

The best vintage cars have indescribable magic that is hard to describe, one that is characterized by exquisite craftsmanship, an indisputable charm, and a sense of freedom with a dash of nostalgia.

There is nothing better than the sound of the engine or the scent of the leather when you’re lucky enough to get up and personal with one of your favorite vintage cars, as any enthusiast of classic cars will tell you. And how do you feel when you come upon a model that has been expertly restored but is infrequently seen? Unbeatable.

These fascinating antique automobiles are a history lesson in a car, and that’s before you’ve even sat down on the tattered leather or stroked your finger appreciatively across their spotless paintwork. However, these are also the weirdest designs ever.

Let’s get through some of the best obscure cars of all time.

Stout Scarab 1936 


Prior to focusing on cars, designer William Stout was an aircraft engineer. He was a pioneer in fusing luxury and leisure into transportation. Flight attendants and onboard meals were both pioneered by Stout Airlines. This is the inspiration behind the Scarab, a stretched aluminum body-powered road-going diner vehicle with a Ford V-8 hidden in the back. The Scarab’s $5,000 price tag (about $90,000 now) made it more expensive than the Packards and Cadillacs of the time, which contributed to the brand’s failure to catch on. Less than 10 were manufactured.

Chevrolet El Camino 1958 

The Chevy El Camino represented an innovative attempt to combine a coupe and a pickup truck. El Camino made its debut in 1958, but it didn’t have the best sales start and was even discontinued by the Chevy brand after only two years. However, Chevy reintroduced the El Camino with the familiar body design in 1964.

The 1964 El Camino, which had a 300-horsepower V8, was a marvel of American ingenuity. The hybrid coupe truck also had a look that was more in keeping with the other Chevrolet pickups in its class.

Despite being discontinued after the 1987 model year, the El Camino did influence a few later car designs.

Peel P50 1962 


The microcar, made by Peel Engineering Company, holds the Guinness World Record for being the smallest manufactured vehicle. It was 123 lbs. The back handle was used to physically steer the vehicle because it lacked reverse gear. Additionally, the little mono-eyed automobile could only fit one passenger and a grocery bag.

However, some aficionados enjoy odd things, as evidenced by the fact that this tiny car got a stunning $176,000 at a Sotheby’s auction. Notably, the car is still being produced, albeit with better reverse gear and all the current automotive conveniences.

Reliant Robin 1973 

The automobile does really have three wheels. Tricycles with automotive attachments were previously very common in England. The lightweight car, which is made of fiberglass, can go at a leisurely pace along the U.K.’s picturesque roads. It’s interesting to note that this particular model has long been the target of jokes in English comedy. It has been comically depicted in both film and television.

Karlmann King 2017


On this one, there are so many intersecting shapes that diplopia may result. In 2017 Italy and the United States began producing the most expensive SUV on the planet. The huge vehicle’s maximum speed is barely 87 mph and it is powered by a 6.8L V10 engine with 398 horsepower.

Among other desirable features, the Karlmann King has a coffee maker, optional bulletproofing, a flat-screen TV, a laptop, and a fridge. The exterior’s multifaceted design is still impressive, nevertheless.