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1.8 Million-Year-Old Human Tooth

A premature human species tooth that goes back to 1.8 million years has been found by archaeologists in Georgia. A research student at the town of Orozmani, 100 kilometers southwest of the Georgian capital Tbilisi, made the discovery last week, according to a Reuters story. The region is close to Dmanisi, where in the late 1990s […]

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Google is reportedly cracking down on employee travel, telling managers to nix happy hours and other team meetups

According to The Information, Google intends to restrict employee travel to just “business critical” trips. The company, which is often known for its perks, reportedly stated that team offsites and social events shouldn’t be permitted. According to rumors, Google is cutting back on several employee benefits. According to a leaked internal email published by The […]


Liver Cleansing Foods To Detox

One of the largest organs in the body, the liver’s main jobs includes purifying the blood, processing different nutrients, and filtering the system by turning pollutants into waste products. While leading a healthy lifestyle devoid of excessive indulgences is the key to having a healthy liver, certain meals can assist in liver cleansing. Apples  Apples […]