The internet has linked a mysterious object that washed up on an Australian beach to UFOs, the flight of MH370, Chandrayaan-3, and other things.


The authorities in Western Australia are looking into a mystery big metal cylinder that washed up on a beach in order to determine where it came from and whether or not it poses any danger. A giant metal cylinder that is shrouded in mystery has washed up on a beach in Western Australia, prompting police … Read more

Explanation of India’s decision to purchase three additional Scorpene submarines


By participating in the Medium Refit with Life Certification (MRLC) project, the Indian Navy is able to lengthen the amount of time that its HDW- and Kilo-class submarines remain in service. Girish Linganna delves further into the reasons why the increased procurement of three Scorpene submarines was not a planned decision but rather a necessity. … Read more

Remains, thought to be those of a human, were found among the wreckage of the Titan sub by the United States Coast Guard.

Titan sub

OceanGate CEO and pilot Stockton Rush was one of the five, along with two members of a renowned Pakistani family—Shazada Dawood and his son Suleman—a British explorer named Hamish Harding, and a French Titanic expert named Paul-Henri Nargeolet. All five were French. The Titan was a submarine that exploded while on a mission to the … Read more

Tensions rise in France when a police officer shoots a 17-year-old boy in a suburb of Paris; read on for more details.

police officer shoots

Residents in the area staged a demonstration in front of the police station. Later on Tuesday, tensions grew between police and demonstrators who ignited fires, set a car on fire, destroyed bus terminals and thrown firecrackers at police. Police responded by using tear gas and dispersion grenades to put out the fires and disperse the … Read more

Check out the prices of gasoline and diesel today, June 26, to see what they are per litre in Mumbai, Delhi, and your city.

gasoline and diesel

Petrol-Diesel Rates on June 26, 2023: On Monday, there was not much of a change in the cost of petrol or diesel fuel anywhere in the country. Every day at six in the morning, the Oil Marketing Companies announce the pricing of various fuels. Fuel prices are affected by the various taxes that are levied … Read more

The submarine that went missing with the Titanic raises the question of whether or not the French explorer Paul-Henry Nargeolet foresaw his own demise.


Based on prior predictions, the United States Coast Guard has determined that it is possible that the submarine that went missing with the Titanic could run out of oxygen within the next several hours. Even as the search for the missing Titanic submarine approaches a final phase, an old video of French explorer Paul-Henry Nargeolet, … Read more

Will the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 retail for 1,40,000 Indian rupees? Check out the anticipated specifications as well as other facts.

Samsung Galaxy Z

According to a recent claim in the media, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 smartphone that Samsung plans to release in the near future would likely cost $1,699. Both the primary display and the cover display on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 are expected to be able to handle a refresh rate of 120 hertz (Hz), … Read more

The prices of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic have been revealed in advance of the Unpacked event.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

At the Galaxy Unpacked event that will take place in one month, Samsung is planning to debut the new Galaxy Watch 6 series. There is a possibility that the Galaxy Unpacked will take place on July 28. There is a possibility that Samsung will also introduce the Galaxy Tab S series during the event. It … Read more