Visiting the UAE? Your passport must now have "two" names. What has changed and why is detailed below.

Visiting the UAE? Your passport must now have “two” names. What has changed and why is detailed below.

The United Arab Emirates’ National Advance Information Centre (NAIC) has published a new directive requiring visitors to the Gulf nation to include their full names in their passports. Passengers should properly declare both their first and last names on their passports in accordance with the regulation that went into force on Monday (November 21). However, […]


Smoke fills cabin on SpiceJet flight, crew tells flyers to pray

The Goa-Hyderabad SpiceJet flight had a close call on Wednesday after smoke filled the cabin mid-flight, prompting a “full emergency landing” in Hyderabad. The DGCA has ordered an investigation into the incident. SpiceJet insisted that the “Q400 aircraft landed safely at its destination on October 12” and that “all passengers were safely disembarked” despite withholding […]

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One ocean out of the 7 is vanishing. Are the Pacific Ocean’s years limited?

The Pacific Ocean’s days are numbered, per a brand new supercomputer simulation of Earth’s ever-drifting tectonic plates. the great news? Our planet’s oldest ocean still has another 300 million years to travel. If the Pacific gets lucky, it’d even celebrate its billionth birthday before finally trickling out of existence. But researchers at Curtin University in […]

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World Rivers Day: 5 Beautiful Indian rivers you must witness

India is blessed with stunning scenery that can awe-inspire everyone, from snow-gushed mountains to thrilling rivers! All of our senses are certainly pleased by the sight of the beautiful Indian river water cascading down the valleys or mountains. When the beauty of nature and this gorgeous combination are seen together, they create a highly unique, […]

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World’s First Hydrogen Train runs in Germany

German officials reported that on Wednesday, Germany began operating the first fleet of passenger hydrogen trains. In the state of Lower Saxony, it has taken the place of 15 diesel trains that were formerly used on non-electrified tracks.  The 14 newly-inaugurated trains’ engines are powered by electricity produced by hydrogen fuel cells. The expansion of […]