World Rivers Day: 5 Beautiful Indian rivers you must witness

5 Beautiful Indian rivers you must witness

India is blessed with stunning scenery that can awe-inspire everyone, from snow-gushed mountains to thrilling rivers! All of our senses are certainly pleased by the sight of the beautiful Indian river water cascading down the valleys or mountains. When the beauty of nature and this gorgeous combination are seen together, they create a highly unique, tranquil, and alluring appeal that will enchant you with its enticing charm and aura. On this World Rivers Day, we’ve compiled a list of great Indian rivers with beautiful scenery and clear water so you can take in the view and participate in various water sports.

5 Great Indian Rivers

Brahmputra River

Indian rivers typically have names that are quite feminine, but the Brahmputra is thought to be the only male river in the nation. The greatest river in the world, which flows through Assam and emerges from Mount Kailash, is called that. The river provides a helping hand for the residents of northeastern India and symbolizes the son of Brahma, the creator. The greatest location to enjoy the magnificent views of this river is Guhawati.

Teesta River

The Teesta River travels through Sikkim and West Bengal before pouring across Bangladesh and merging at the Bay of Bengal. One of Sikkim’s most notable rivers, the Teesta, has a length of about 309 kilometers and is essential in giving the locals a lifeline. On the banks of this river, you can camp at Triveni as well.

Chambal River

This Indian river is free of pollution, making it a delight for the eyes and a joy for the ears to hear the waves. Your senses will be relaxed by the surrounding areas’ abundance of greenery and the beautiful, clean water. A gharial, a mugger crocodile, Gangetic River Dolphins, as well as several birds and turtle species, can also be seen here. The best spot to go in Bah is to the Bateshwar temple to fully appreciate the Chambal river’s beauty.

Mandovi River

Goa is frequently thought of as having beaches and wild nightlife, but this exotic location will change your mind! One of the most beautiful views to see is the magnificent water of the Mandovi River as it flows past Zuari Bay and merges with the Arabian Sea.

Umngot River

You may not have seen the breathtaking splendor of the Umngot River before. This river, which flows through the Khasi and Jaintia Hills, offers the cool, crystal-clear water necessary to unravel a genuine natural paradise before the eyes. The major attraction of this location is a bridge from the British era that spans a river. Boating on the sparkling sea will fascinate you. In addition to boating, you may enjoy a free stroll, breathtaking views, and local fish specialties in the market.

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