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Can an increase in food oil content induce diabetes? Here’s what doctors have to say.

Synopsis: Can an increase in food oil content induce diabetes? Eating the right type and amount of fat can be beneficial to our health because fat is important because it provides cushioning to organs, stores energy, protects the body from elements, supports cell growth, and prevents early cell death; however, can an increase in oil […]

Price of Tomato
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Price of Tomatoes: In just one month, tomato prices fell by 29%. The government is now adopting this action to keep onions affordable.

Summary The government’s efforts to limit the cost of tomatoes and onions throughout the nation are showing positive outcomes. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution has made this assertion. According to the ministry, the cost of tomatoes has decreased by 29% over the course of the past month. Expansion In comparison to […]


5 Lawsuits against Giant Food Companies

Food companies have been the target of lawsuits over anything from questionable labeling and unwanted ingredients to the spread of salmonella and E. coli. These cases have the potential to alter both recipes and the way manufacturers conduct business. Food-related epidemics, lawsuits contesting label claims, defective slack fill, and glyphosate contamination have all kept lawyers […]