15 habits that need to be curtailed for a healthy life

Irregular brushing or flossing of your teethWhat would happen if you abandoned your toothbrush and dental floss? “You would first experience swollen, bleeding gums, bad breath and [you] may develop cavities,” says Natasha Lee, DDS, president of the California Dental Association. Untreated cavities would visit the nerve, requiring root canals, and debris in your mouth … Read more

Can an increase in food oil content induce diabetes? Here’s what doctors have to say.

Synopsis: Can an increase in food oil content induce diabetes? Eating the right type and amount of fat can be beneficial to our health because fat is important because it provides cushioning to organs, stores energy, protects the body from elements, supports cell growth, and prevents early cell death; however, can an increase in oil … Read more

Should I brush my teeth before breakfast?

Many people think that brushing after breakfast is the solution. What good is brushing your teeth if you don’t get rid of the food particles that get stuck between your teeth and cause plaque? Yes, it makes sense. But in this article, two dentists clarify to woman&home why this isn’t the case and discuss further … Read more

Brain Hacks to Boost Your Memory and Problem-Solving as You Age

Students are bombarded with information in the modern world from the moment they wake up until they go to bed which affects their memory. This information storm is derived from sources of news, social media, friend conversations, commercials, etc. While completing their homework, attending classes, and studying for examinations, students must also process mountains of … Read more

Why Include Zinc in your Diet?

Ever wondered what zinc does to our body? Or its health benefits for that fact? Well, It is a key element for the human body and development and regulates our taste. The human body has zinc in every cell. The body cannot keep extra zinc; as a result, it must be ingested through diet. The … Read more

5 mistakes to avoid while using a fragrance


Everyone needs to keep cologne and body sprays in their closet. Others may want to spend more time with you if you smell good. Its ability to make you stand out in meetings and discussions is a reward, but its most influential factor is that it causes you to fall in love with yourself. It … Read more

Fruits That Are Beneficial For Your Stomach 

Fruits are a rich source of many different nutrients. In addition to being high in fiber, they also include a variety of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for digestion, weight loss, and overall health. Increased fruit consumption reduces a person’s risk of cancer, heart attacks, and stroke.  According to an Australian study from 2021, … Read more