fixes bike in Delhi’s Karol Bagh, Rahul Gandhi meets motorcycle mechanics

As part of his ongoing efforts to engage with the general public, Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi went on Tuesday to a store in Delhi’s Karol Bagh market that fixes bicycles. In some of the images that he has uploaded, he can be seen not only helping to fix a bike but also giving the technicians a hand.

Rahul Gandhi

On Tuesday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi went to Karol Bagh and visited some workshops where motorcycle mechanics work. He spoke with the mechanics there. The leader of the Congress didn’t think twice about getting his hands muddy while he was helping to fix a bike at a shop, where he was sitting on the ground next to technicians. It was noted that he was having a conversation with the dealers and the bike experts as he picked up a screwdriver to repair the two-wheeler.

The former member of Lok Sabha also had conversations with employees and merchants working at the Karol Bagh bicycle market. The leader of the Congress extended a greeting to the group of persons who had gathered and shook hands with everyone of them.

On a regular basis, Rahul Gandhi has been going out into the community to talk to people and hear what everyday individuals have to say. Gandhi would go to the Bengali and Matia Mahal marketplaces in old Delhi and indulge in some of the regional delicacies in order to break his fast during the holy month of Ramadan. Two days later, in the Mukherjee Nagar neighbourhood of the city, he met with individuals who were applying for positions in the civil service.

He engaged in active interaction with people from all walks of life, from meeting with students at Delhi University and Mukherjee Nagar to riding a BMTC bus and a Blinkit bike in Bengaluru. He maintained his habit of listening to people, as he did during the Bharat Jodo Yatra, by interacting with people from all walks of life.