The internet has linked a mysterious object that washed up on an Australian beach to UFOs, the flight of MH370, Chandrayaan-3, and other things.

The authorities in Western Australia are looking into a mystery big metal cylinder that washed up on a beach in order to determine where it came from and whether or not it poses any danger.

A giant metal cylinder that is shrouded in mystery has washed up on a beach in Western Australia, prompting police to issue cautions to beachgoers to stay away from the possibly hazardous object. Beachgoers have been warned to stay away from the object. On a Sunday afternoon, locals living close to Green Head village on the Mid-West coast called the police to report an unexplained flying object that they saw. The authorities are currently conducting an investigation to discover where the object came from and what its characteristics are in order to evaluate whether or not it is dangerous.

The authorities have stated that they do not believe the item originated from a commercial aircraft, despite the fact that initial theories connected the object to unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or the missing Malaysian flight MH370. They pleaded with the general public not to jump to any conclusions until additional information was made available. The Western Australia Police Force is currently guarding the object to ensure that there will be no compromises made to the inquiry.

“The investigation is ongoing, and until further information is available, we urge everyone to refrain from drawing conclusions,” the Western Australia Police stated in a statement. “The investigation is ongoing.” “In order to ensure that there are no leaks in the investigation, members of the Western Australia Police Force are presently manning the checkpoint where the object is located.”

Images and videos that have been going viral on social media show an object with a copper-colored finish that has been destroyed and appears to have become divorced from something else. It looks like the bottom half of it was torn away from where it was originally attached, which raises the question of what might have caused the tear.

The Australian Space Agency has joined the investigation, and their goal is to determine whether or not the object is a piece of a foreign space launch vehicle that washed up on the shore. They are communicating with their overseas counterparts in order to obtain additional information regarding the mystery cylinder. The organisation emphasised that individuals should refrain from touching the object or making any attempts to move it until its origin can be determined.

“The agency is working to confirm whether the object could be part of a foreign space launch vehicle that has washed up on shore, and they are liaising with global counterparts who may be able to provide information about the object,” a spokesman said. “The object has been found on shore.”

“Because we do not know where the object came from, members of the community should refrain from touching it or making any attempts to move it,” he added.

Dr. Alice Gorman, a space archaeologist, gave her observations and speculated that the object might be a fuel cylinder from either the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle rocket or Chandrayaan-3. She was taken aback by the size of the shard and hypothesised that a marine weather phenomenon may have been responsible for its dislodging and subsequent arrival on land. Dr. Gorman further mentioned that such discoveries provide the general public with an opportunity to connect with space, which frequently results in these artefacts being turned into souvenirs.

“Considering how enormous of a piece it is, it comes as quite a shock. “It makes you wonder what was going on at the time, whether maybe a marine weather event dislodged it and brought it ashore,” she said. “And it makes you wonder what was going on at the time.”

However, it is incredibly interesting, and it is a method that normal, everyday people may get close to space because these objects are typically turned into mementos. The specialist went on to say that people like to save some space trash.

The Australian space agency stated that it was probable that the massive cylinder had fallen from a “foreign space launch vehicle” and that it will communicate with other international agencies over the matter.

Users on social media platforms also participated in a variety of theories and hypotheses regarding the genesis of the cylinder. It was suggested by a number of people on Reddit that it might be the third stage of India’s PSLV rocket. These users based their hypothesis on past debris landings in the Indian Ocean. Others advised exercising caution and cautioned against hastily drawing conclusions without first confirming who owned the item in question.

On Reddit, one member stated, “This is the third stage of India’s PSLV rocket.”

“The Indians landing their debris in the Indian Ocean like they own it good on them for their success and welcome to the big show,” a second person commented. “The Indians landing their debris in the Indian Ocean like they own it”

For the time being, the inquiry is still taking place, and the authorities are working hard to shed light on the mysterious big metal cylinder that was discovered on the beach in Western Australia. As they continue their work, they emphasise how important it is to avoid making assumptions and wait for information that has been independently validated regarding the origins of the object.