Europe set to switch to Type C

Everyone is all praises about the more than superior USB-C Cord. According to the rule that was proposed by the European Commission yesterday, small technical gadgets such as tablets, headphones as well as mobile phones will be having the same standardized chargers. This small decision is going to have big ramifications for the makers of … Read more

Gas shortage in Europe

Now, natural gas in Europe needs to be added in the list of the “way too expensive” things along with succulents & space travel. The country is currently facing a big crisis of gas as the prices rose 280% in 2021 compounding the crunches of supply in areas such as shipping, home energy and food. … Read more

Allbirds is going public

Direct-to-consumer businesses filled your Instagram feed with colours and promises to “cut out the middlemen” in 2017. They’ve changed into formal trousers and are marching along Wall Street. Allbirds, the footwear brand that has adorned the feet of many from the Gen Z, filed for an IPO yesterday. The firm has made sustainability a top priority, and it … Read more

Covid’s Impact on Shipping Industry

Covid-19 has affected lives and the economy globally. The logistics firms and the shipping industry which are responsible for the flow and movements of goods have also been affected directly by the ongoing pandemic. Being an important part of the value chains within the international borders and across the logistic forms are responsible for facilitating … Read more

GoLocal launched by Walmart

On Tuesday, Walmart announced the introduction of GoLocal, a delivery service that would transport products from other local merchants to customers. The retail giant stated that it plans to start delivering by the end of 2021, and that the deliveries would be made by using newer technology such as self-driving cars and drones. Tom Ward, Walmart’s senior vice … Read more

Tesla in trouble?

After a series of incidents between emergency vehicles and Tesla models, US auto safety regulators began a formal safety investigation into Tesla Inc’s (TSLA.O) driving assistance system Autopilot on Monday. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Teslas “have encountered first responder scenes and subsequently hit one or more cars engaged with those … Read more

President Biden bullish on Electric car future

The White House stated on Thursday that President Joe Biden will set a goal for 50% of all automobiles sold in the United States to be zero-emission vehicles by 2030.Biden’s approach follows the Trump administration’s significant weakening of many environmental laws and climate protections. According to a White House statement, “the President will sign an … Read more

Boom No More

Companies that saw a boost in sales during the worst of the epidemic last year are now facing a new age of connecting with real people rather than an imagined paper towel pal. Amazon, the poster child for the Covid driven explosive growth, dropped 7.6% on Friday, its lowest day in over a year, putting Jeff … Read more