Zomato users may now order food from a variety of eateries via the platform.

Users of Zomato may now assemble carts with food from up to four different restaurants, and then order from whichever of those places they like. In addition, after a user has checked out one cart, they are able to return to the site at any time to finish placing orders from any of the other carts.


Zomato has introduced an intriguing new feature that will simplify the process of placing orders for a wide variety of dishes. Because of a recent update, users of the food app may now place orders with a number of different eateries all at the same time. At a time when there has been a decrease in the rate of food delivery, the company has decided to take this action in the hope of boosting its overall market share. The programme Pincode, which is owned by PhonePe and offers functionality akin to that of assembling carts across many different categories, served as the inspiration for Zomato.

Users of the Zomato app have been given the ability, as a result of a recent update, to compile as many as four separate shopping carts containing items from a variety of eateries and, ultimately, to place orders from their preferred eating establishment. Similar to how Pincode operates within the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), users are able to return to the other shopping carts after completing a purchase from one of them and continue placing orders from those carts.

A representative from Zomato said that the firm is dedicated to innovation and to enhancing the experience it provides for its customers. “Our goal at Zomato is to improve and evolve in a never-ending cycle. Customers can avoid having to go back and forth between menus by using this option to add things to multiple shopping carts at the same time, according to a representative.

Zomato and Swiggy, the two major businesses operating in the meal delivery industry, which is worth $5 billion, have been engaged in a fierce competition to boost their respective market shares. With a market share of 45%, Zomato has already surpassed Swiggy in terms of its portion in the industry. In contrast, this is a shift from the year 2020, when Swiggy led the market share competition with about 52% of the total. Over the course of the past three years, Swiggy has witnessed a continual decline in its market share.

Zomato has introduced new features in the hopes of expanding its market share while simultaneously enhancing the shopping experiences of its customers. Swiggy has been experiencing a decrease in market share, which has caused industry experts to question the company’s ability to capitalise on the meal delivery sector despite the fact that its revenue has been growing.