Archbishop of Kerala claims that the violence in Manipur was part of a deliberate scheme.

According to Mar Joseph Pamplany, the riots in Manipur are the result of a premeditated plot against Christian churches, and it is the duty of the central government to ease the tension and ensure that freedom is respected in the same manner as it has been promised.

Archbishop of Kerala

The Metropolitan Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Tellicherry, Mar Joseph Pamplany, made the statement that the violence in Manipur is the result of a well-planned plot in Kannur. He argued that the Christian Church was the focus of the riots and that the nation’s rulers are accountable for ensuring that the liberties granted by the system of government are upheld. He also claimed that the riots were started by the Christian Church. In addition to this, he asserted that the state and federal governments are to blame for the lack of success in bringing the violence under control.

Pamplany stated that it is up to the Prime Minister to decide when it is appropriate for him to respond to the problems that are occurring in the country. On the other hand, when he was in the United States, he said that there is no discrimination in India. It is recommended that such remarks be made only after a thorough investigation of the plight of the people in Manipur.

Earlier, Pamplany made headlines when he volunteered to assist the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Kerala to open its account in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. His offer was contingent on the Centre increasing the price of rubber procurement to Rs. 300 per kilogramme. It was not the Catholic Church that he was attempting to help when he made the offer; rather, he was trying to alleviate the suffering of farmers.

Since the conflicts that took place between the Kuki and the Meiti factions back in May, multiple incidents of crowd buildup, attempted violence, and arson have been recorded in the region of Manipur that is plagued by conflict. The attacks in Manipur occurred a day after a mob of 1,200 people hurled petrol bombs at the residence of a Union Minister named RK Ranjan Singh, causing it to catch fire and be completely destroyed.

An event called a “Tribal Solidarity March” was held in the hill districts on May 3 in order to voice opposition to the Meitei community’s desire for Scheduled Tribe (ST) designation, which sparked the initial outbreak of violent conflict. The ethnic violence has resulted in the deaths of more than one hundred persons so far.