The initial comments made by Beckham on Messi and Martino’s roles in Inter Miami’s future

David Beckham gives his opinion on the recently appointed head coach of Inter Miami, Tata Martino, as well as the coming of Lionel Messi in the Major League Soccer.

Messi and Martino's

David Beckham has commented on a number of recent soccer-related topics, including the new head coach of Inter Miami and Lionel Messi’s move to the Major League Soccer.

Tata Martino will be taking over as Messi’s coach at the MLS team after Phil Neville has been replaced by Martino. Sergio Busquets, who has played alongside Martino at Barcelona, is another familiar face that will be joining the team. Busquets was recruited by the team.

Despite this, the club is still awaiting the proper documentation that will enable Martino to begin his duties as a coach in the United States. Before taking on this position, Martino was a highly successful coach in the Major League Soccer (MLS). During his second season in charge of Atlanta United, the team won the MLS Cup.

Former head coach Phil Neville left Inter Miami in the beginning of June to take a role as an assistant coach for the Canadian men’s national team. Neville has been with Canada’s men’s national team since.

David Beckham, who is also the co-owner and president of the organisation, has stated that the decision to release Neville was one of the “toughest decisions” to make. After appointing Martino, he voiced his faith in the seasoned coach and reaffirmed his support.

Beckham remarked that Tata “is a highly respected figure in our sport whose track record speaks for itself.” Tata is credited as having said this. “We are confident that his achievements in the game and experience as a head coach will inspire our team and excite our fans, and we look forward to seeing the impact he will have both on and off the pitch.”

Jorge Mas, who is in charge of managing the business, has expressed his agreement with these statements. He stated, “We are very happy to be able to welcome Tata to Inter Miami,” and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

“We believe that he is a coach whose ambitions are on par with those of our club, and we are optimistic about what we will be able to accomplish together.” Because Tata has coached at the highest levels, we believe that his experience will be of tremendous help to us as we strive to contend for titles in this tournament.

“The Club has the necessary infrastructure to be a major competitor in the region, and I believe that with everyone’s hard work and commitment to the cause, we can get there.”