Females to avoid top knots or low buns, Air India’s new grooming guidelines: Hair gel mandatory for males

Another document detailing significant revisions to consistent guidelines, with the prohibitions emphasised in large print, was just released by Air India. The airline provided specific dress codes for its female cabin workers, stating that they were not permitted to wear their hair in high top knots or low buns.

In the most recent, Air India published a comprehensive list of rules for its staff under its new owner, Tata Group, including how they should present themselves, evoking the era when its flight attendants were among the most renowned around the world.

In accordance with the most recent regulations, Air India has made hair gel necessary and advised male crew members with severely receding hairlines or balding regions to keep a clean-shaven head or bald appearance. The airline also stated that crew cuts are not allowed and that the head must be shaved every day.

Only gold or diamond round earrings (no pearl) with no design or adornment will be allowed for the female crew to wear while working, according to Air India’s advice. Female employees of Air India are also expected to wear a bindi, which is optional, with a saree that is less than 0.5 cm in width, one bangle without any designs or stones, and no high-top knots or low buns.

Air India has very specific requirements for the appearance of its female cabin crew, including the use of only four black bobby pins, strict adherence to eyeshadow, lipstick, nail paint, and hair shade cards (personal shades are not allowed), mandatory sheer calf-length stockings that match skin tone for flight duties with both saree and Indo-western wear, and more.

Regarding hair colour, the airline has stated that staff members with grey hair must periodically colour it in a natural tone. This rule applies to both male and female crew members. Henna and fashion colours are prohibited. Black or holy thread cannot be worn on the wrist, neck, or ankle.

The rules also included advice for social media influencers on what to do and what not to do. The staff shouldn’t put on the uniform and its accessories when they aren’t on duty. The prior grooming standards address issues like the behaviour code (staff are not permitted to carry shopping bags or plastic bags in public), demeanour, etiquette, personal hygiene, uniform carrying technique, etc.