Elon Musk declares that he “will go to war” as Apple threatens to ban Twitter from the App Store.

Billionaire Elon Musk has criticised Apple for its tax laws and App Store practises. Tesla’s CEO charged the business with removing Twitter from the App Store without providing a justification. Additionally, he asserted that Apple no longer runs ads on the social media network.

Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, criticised Apple on Monday for its stringent guidelines governing what can be downloaded from the App Store and claimed that the iPhone maker had threatened to delist his most recent social media network.

In the most recent, Elon Musk asserted that the Cupertino company is threatening to remove Twitter from its app store and won’t give a reason.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, was tagged in a tweet by Musk asking, “What’s going on here, Tim Cook?” Musk also claimed that Apple has completely stopped running advertisements on Twitter. Does anyone dislike free speech in America? Musk went on.

Moderation difficulties, not the 30% commission, are most likely to blame for Apple’s threat to ban Twitter from its platform. Previously, Discord and Tumblr had to abide by Apple’s guidelines for content safety on apps available in its store.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, stated in a recent interview that “They assert that they will keep their moderation. I’m relying on them to continue.”

Since Musk took control of Twitter, it has been a free-for-all, with the exception of a fake Elon Musk account. The recent $8 for Blue tick got a lot of firms into difficulty because spammers impersonated high-value brands, celebrities, etc. despite the platform reporting fewer spam and hate speech.

While Apple appears to be concerned about the unfiltered trolling, porn, hate speech, and other things that are currently running rampant on Twitter under the pretext of “Free Speech,” Musk appears to be concerned about “Free Speech.”