Finland PM’s Party Video Causes Media Outrage 


Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin was filmed dancing and having the time of her life at a private party in a clip that was posted. The 36-year-old leader strikes a beautiful pose. She was seen seated with her hands at the back of her head and legs. The PM was having a great time with her friends whilst hugging each other, as shown in the clip.

All sorts of Finnish partygoers and throughout the world post several clips like this on social media platforms almost all the time. However, the leak has sparked a discussion among Finns about the acceptable amount of celebration for a prime minister, particularly in light of the war on Ukraine by neighbouring Russia, which drove Finland and Sweden to renounce their longtime neutrality and aspire for NATO membership.

About Sanna Marin 

The “coolest prime minister in the world,” Marin gained the position in 2019 and, at 34, became the youngest prime leader in history. She joined the Social Democratic Party of Finland (SDP) in 2015 and has served in parliament ever since (age 30). Controversy is nothing new for Marin. Another incident arose in October 2020 when she was pictured on the cover of the Finnish lifestyle publication Trendi wearing only a blazer and pants.

After attending a well-known Finnish rock event in July, Marin sparked yet another controversy. She had already issued a public apology for leaving the office without her work phone and going out clubbing until late, omitting to disclose that she had been in communication with a Covid-19 positive person.

Negotiations on the Finnish PM’s drug test 

Sanna Marin also admitted that she and her pals had a “boisterous” celebration and that wine had been consumed, but to her knowledge no drugs. She claimed on Friday that she had a drug test to put a stop to rumours regarding illicit drugs.

Riikka Purra, the lead executive of the rival party, appealed that Ms. Marin presented a voluntary drug test since the prime minister was under “doubt.”

Additionally, Ms. Marin’s federation member MP Mikko Karna shared on Twitter that it “would be wise” for her to “voluntarily submit to a drugs test.”

Sanna Marin said to reporters that she had “not used drugs” and had “no trouble passing tests,” indicating that she was receptive to the idea.

Sanna Marin’s additional scandals

The Finnish politician had a lot of her fans and followers have praised her for balancing out her busy profession with an active personal life, while some have criticised her for consenting to be filmed despite being guaranteed that the clip wouldn’t be shared in social media.

Marin has faced backlash for heavy partying before, to which some have asserted could hamper her capability to take quick actions if an unprecedented emergency comes forth in Finland at a time when Europe has been under pressure by Russia’s invasion in Ukraine.

Finish women supporting the PM 

After a couple of days, Finnish women have started to raise their voices to show support for Marin in response to what they think is sexist. 

Using the hashtag #SolidarityWithSanna, Finland’s citizens, especially women, are releasing dance videos on YouTube and tagging Marin in their posts to show her some support. 

For those women who believe they are held to an unreasonable standard in both their personal and professional lives, the response to Marin’s behaviour struck a particularly sensitive nerve.

Female staff members at the monthly women’s magazine Alt for Damerne in Denmark put together a montage of themselves dancing to demonstrate how women support one another. Almost every social media platform is buzzing with this trend while the PM deals with the criticism.