Top 10 Funniest Instagram Reels

Funniest Instagram Reels

10 Funniest Instagram Reels: After the ban of TikTok in India in 2020 we all got braced with Instagram Reels. Not only it saved us from our daily lockdown boredom but also gave all the creators a platform to shine and rise. Instagram has become a hub of all sorts of entertaining short form video type content. Whether it be an upbeat dance reel or a funny comedy sketch, Instagram Reels has got it all covered.

Comedy is subjective and we all have our own favourite funny Instagram reel, but here we are sharing with you all the GOATs (Greatest of all time). Try not to laugh while we take you on a hilarious roller coaster ride in the Instagram amusement park!

Top 10 Funniest Instagram Reels

1. I am Cow, lol Goat is Smaller!

10 funniest Instagram Reels

This African musician is literally singing that he is a cow and hence superior than a goat. Isn’t this gives enough reasons to add it to the list of Top 10 Funniest Instagram Reels of Goats!
This is a true music video in which the artist sings that because he is a cow, he is better than a goat, and that a cow is white and a goat is black. If you don’t believe me, watch the video.

2. William Smith’s only one swing!

10 funniest Instagram Reels

Will Smith loses a tooth while golfing with Jason Derulo.
This is an Instagram reels video that shows Will Smith being hit by Jason Derulo’s golf club stroke. I find this video surprisingly amusing and it cracks me up every time I watch it.

The reaction of William Smith in the second half of the reel gets all of us off guard. Poor William!

3. French’s giving gender to objects!

Did you know that the French assign gender to objects? Neither did I. Hilarious sketch trying to figure out the gender of a table.
This is a comical clip in which they try to name a new thing, such as a table, and the French end up trying to choose its gender.

4. Rishabh Shukla’s kind boy series!

These satirical sketches on moralistic Internet content are the best thing on internet.

In this series Rishabh Shukla is the kind boy who tries to help people around him and spread happiness, only to realise that in reality the world is a cruel place.

Here we are sharing just a single reel from the series of KIND BOY, you can check all of them out on @rishabhhshukla‘s reel page!

5. Krutika’s take on every Instagram Trend!

Remember the trend, of a dancing baby in a swimming ring? I guess, we have a winner here!

Krutika is known for making hilarious relatable content and for this reason she is worldwide followed by 6.6 Millions of people on Instagram. Krutika deserves a mention in the Funniest Instagram Reels list!

This is one of the many funny reels she has created since 2020, don’t miss on any of them. Catch them all @themermaidscales

6. Khaby Lame doing the OBVIOUS!

Can we talk about the 10 Funniest Instagram Reels of GOATs without mentioning Khaby? The answer is and always be NO!

We have lost the count on how many times Khaby Lame broke the internet! This hilarious man never misses a chance to make us go ROFL by mocking the absurdity available on the internet! No wonder that this dude is followed by 78.6 millions of people on the internet.

You all must check out his content and thank us later for making your day!

Here’s his Instagram handle @khaby00

7. Epic fail as a DJ!

Imagine being this DJ? Life is certainly not nice!

This reels hits all the funny chords in your cells and make you laugh on a situation you shouldn’t! Enough reasons to be in the Funniest Instagram Reels list!

Don’t we all love dark satire/humor? Yes! Guilty laughter is the best laughter.

8. Classic Hello!

Hellos were never this interesting ever before!

This reel really gets you at the hello, and you would find yourself cracking up at this poor boy just trying to be nice.

9. Pandemic – Majimb.o

How can we end the Funniest Instagram Reels list without a pandemic joke? We can’t! So here is the classic pandemic comedy reel to make us all feel nostalgic of 2020!

Elsa Majimbo is one of the funniest creators on Instagram. You must check out her content @majimb.o

10. LinkedIn and Jobs – maxtheverygoodboy

Who doesn’t like to hear LinkedIn jokes? No one!

Max St. John is a very popular comedy content creator on Instagram and TikTok. His style of comedy is simple yet effective. His satirical scripts gets you in no time. There’s no way we could end the list of Top 10 Funniest Instagram Reels without mentioning him!

Check out his spine tingling content @maxtheverygoodboy.

We hope you had a great laugh scrolling through ‘Top 10 Funniest Instagram Reels’ article and we might have helped you discover some good comedy content creators.

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