Top 10 Funniest YouTube Videos!

Funniest YouTube Videos

10 Funniest YouTube Videos: Humor is incredibly subjective, but certain things are just universally humorous. We’re sure everyone has their own favourite YouTube videos for flipping a dull day to sunshine, but here we are sharing ours. Some are really popular, while others have slipped under the radar, but they are all certain to make you laugh out loud.

While all of the videos below are obtained on YouTube and exceed YouTube’s acceptable content criteria, some of them do include mature language and may not be deemed safe for work. In no particular order, here are 10 Funniest YouTube videos that have made us go ROFL in no time.

Top 10 Funniest YouTube Videos

1. Faceplant of Death

While attempting to execute a dance move, this man pushes his own face into the ground.
To make things more funnier, he dances to Kanye West’s “Touch the Sky” during the performance.

Hats go to him for nailing the dance move he was attempting when he face-planted.

2. Bloopers religious host laughs at singing caller!

Laughter can be contagious, and this host is no exception.
It’s impossible not to notice the man progressively breaking down.

His cohost attempts to cover for him, but you can see he is also straining to keep it together.

We challenge you try not to laugh!

3. The unforgettable debut of the Shockmaster

This wrestler’s introduction is the most infamous blunder in WWE history and is one of the 10 Funniest YouTube videos to ever exist.
Anyone who watches wrestling has seen this a million times, but if you don’t, realise that this is this man’s big debut as a threatening figure.

No one informed him after the practise run that the bottom of the wall had been boarded up, causing everyone on set to break character.

4. Catch the Ice Dude

This man is incapable of breaking the ice between his frozen pool and his own buttocks.
The fall appears to be unpleasant, but it’s his subsequent slide on his knees that gets to me.

I’m not sure why they felt it was thin enough to shatter in the first place. Whatever be the reason this clip ticks all the boxes to be in the list of Funniest YouTube Videos!

5. Hilarious Politician – WORST SPEECH EVER!

The future of public speech in American Politics is surely among the funniest youtube videos!

For some reason, the way he keeps leaving the platform always makes me chuckle. The way he forgets his lines, the voice cracks, his small hand movements, and his progressive transition into a mix of Chris Farley’s Matt Foley and furious Bill Murray.

These speeches of politicians are better than a comedians hilarious-work of years sets/scripts. Don’t act surprised when this catches you off guard!

6. Crazy frog brothers

This one is my personal favourite, this video broke the internet the very day it was published. For some reason I couldn’t find THE ORIGINAL-first post, but here’s the exact video to save you from FOMO!

It is very certain that these kids can’t dance, but it’s amusing how dedicated they are to this video. The tall boy in the back is a master at comedy and surely has my heart. There is no way this video would’ve not made to the Funniest YouTube Videos List.

7. Evolution of Dance

This man passes all the vibe checks. Through out the 6 minutes of the video there is no dull moment, who wouldn’t like to party with this man? The way he swings his arms and waist makes everyone a fan!

If there was any award for the coolest man to ever exist, this guy is winning it without a doubt.

8. Jesus Christ – The Musical (I Will Survive)

This is the funniest thing on internet! HOW CAN THIS NOT CRACK ANYONE UP?!

What a classic! This video is part of YouTube history as one of the platform’s initial most popular videos. I believe there was an earlier version with even more views.

9. Dad at comedy barn

Another classic in the list!

The comic in this video isn’t particularly funny, and for the first few minutes, you’ll be wondering why the three audience members brought up on stage are all laughing. Only after the microphone is placed in front of the laughing man in the middle do you realise why this video is so amusing. It becomes old after a minute or two of laughter.

10. Hilarious moment dog imitates an Emergency Siren by howling!

Here is the final video to our 10 Funniest YouTube Videos! This video is for all the dog lovers. Golden retrievers are known for their funny and silly behaviours but this one in particular stands out!

This video is both humorous and heartwarming. You have to see how good this dog’s rendition of an emergency siren is.

We are 1000% sure this video must have melted your heart like a popsicle! This cutie surely deserves all our love.

We hope you had a great time reading this article, and discovering the top 10 funniest YouTube videos (according to us), this might have added a few more favourites to your already existing YouTube Videos Fav List!

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