Amouranth Acuses Her Husband of Abuse

One of the most popular creators on Twitch, Amouranth, whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, has 5.9 million followers.

Siragusa claims to be “living in a nice prison” in a stream footage.

Amouranth, a Twitch and Onlyfans celebrity, confessed to being married on a live Twitch stream and claimed her spouse was controlling her funds, subjecting her to emotional abuse, pressuring her to stream, and threatening to kill her dogs.

Amouranth, whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, frequently broadcasts on Twitch, either while playing video games or while chatting with her 5.9 million followers in front of the camera. She is a popular creator on OnlyFans and revealed in July that her monthly income can reach $1.5 million.

The live video has since been taken down, but the videos are still making the rounds on social media. Her husband, who appeared irritated with her, was on call when it all began.

What did Amouranth say about her situation during the live stream?

In the beginning, Amouranth appeared concerned about her dogs during a conversation with her husband. She claimed that he had threatened to kill them, so she was staying inside. Amouranth appeared bewildered and plain frustrated by the talk when her husband later rejected these assertions and began questioning her about what she had said.

Amouranth claims that her husband has occasionally forced her to stream against her will. She then displays a series of abusive text messages in which her husband calls her a “dumb fuck” and makes threats to throw her luggage off a hotel balcony and delete her social media accounts, among other things. Threats to “blow” $500,000 of Amouranth’s funds by giving them to a bird sanctuary can also be seen in the communications.

Her husband is also charged with pressuring her into broadcasting content, including telling her to “commit to the grind because it was a good financial opportunity” and continuing to post a lot of “hot tub” videos against her will or pressuring her into activities like protracted streams after threatening her.

Valkyrae takes to Twitter to bash people who put on disproved comments on the situation

Those attempting to disprove Amouranth’s accusations against her husband from last night’s live stream, known as “Valkyrae,” have been bombarding social media with comments. Rachell “Valkyrae” ripped into them.

The fact that some online users were downplaying the abuse Amouranth had endured in her marriage was brought up by Valkyrae, who was not the first significant streamer to make a comment. Recently, Pokimane used Twitter to inquire about the streamer’s health, but she was forced to remove the post because of comments that essentially blamed Amouranth for continuing to be in an abusive relationship.

The idea that the streamer was at fault, as Valkyrae noted in her tweet, was widely accepted. She added that, contrary to what some individuals would wish to believe, the situation is far more complicated because of joint accounts and living together.

Natalia tries to check on Amournath’s well being

Popular Twitch broadcaster Natalia “Alinity” recently spoke about the predicament facing Kaitlyn “Amouranth,” another Twitch content creator.

Alinity claimed she made an effort to get in touch with Amouranth. But she was unable to get to her. She then made the decision to conduct a “welfare check,” but she insisted that the police withheld any relevant information.

Alinity is a Twitch partner who started her live-streaming career on the Amazon-owned site in November 2016. With 1,477,360 followers as of right now, she receives an average of more than 6,100 concurrent viewers per stream.