Did the Sky Turn Crimson Red in China 2022?

Did the Sky Turn Crimson Red in China 2022?

Several video clips and photographs of what appears to be a deep crimson red sky in the Chinese east coast city of Zhoushan have surfaced on Twitter and other social media sites lately.

A viral video that has been shared by several people but appears to have originated on the Chinese social networking platform Weibo depicts a view of the sky from a residential street. The camera moves over the sky as people stand and converse, revealing the blood-red color, which becomes brighter as it approaches the horizon.

Other clips show the same occurrence, which includes a deep blood red sky with a brilliant source near the horizon. Thousands of people have seen individual clips.

Some people have attributed eerie significance to the video, such as Twitter user Anonymous Operations, who wrote: “In the Chinese urban district of Zhoushan, it seems that the apocalypse has begun.”

They also fueled conspiracy theories, with other users spreading unverified claims about secret government operations.

The Chinese state media agency, the Global Times, appears to have confirmed the red sky stories and recordings.

According to the Global Times, the crimson sky appeared over Zhoushan on Saturday, May 7, and became one of the top trending topics on Weibo, with posts receiving more than 150 million views. An onlooker has commented in one of the camera recordings that they had “never seen anything like this.”

According to the Global Times, meteorologists went to local media to explain why the phenomena occurred.

They believed that the crimson sky was caused by the reflection of light from fishing boats on low-level clouds because it was foggy, gloomy, and raining at the time.

Did the Sky Turn Crimson Red in China 2022?

Hundreds of red-tinted LED lights are commonly used by saury fishing boats, which can provide a striking visual effect when gathered in large numbers in the same spot at night.

According to the Global Times, staff from the Zhoushan Meteorological Bureau stated that under certain conditions, aerosols in the atmosphere could “refract and scatter” the fishing boat lights.

According to LiveScience, other records of blood-red skies over China date back to 1770, with researchers now speculating that auroras caused by a major solar storm could have been the cause. Solar activity can occasionally create auroras in regions where they aren’t expected.

The Global Times, citing the space physics research team of the China University of Geosciences in Wuhan, stated that solar and geomagnetic activity was calm on Saturday.

Wildfires are another possibility, with one of the most recent occurrences being in Indonesia in February 2019, when the thick haze from the fire, colored the sky crimson.

Witnesses described apocalyptic views as the sky turned orange and crimson during a spate of forest fires in the Western United States in 2020.

However, no reports of wildfires have appeared in the local media in recent days, and NASA’s global fire map shows that there are no big hotspots in the Zhoushan area.

To conclude, 

As social media images and footage from various angles, as well as local media reporting, indicate, the sky did appear to turn red above part of the city of Zhoushan in China lately. Although we were unable to establish a solid explanation for the phenomenon, Chinese experts think it is produced by the refracted light from saury fishing boats.

Crimson Red Sky in China – What’s Next in 2022?

With the buildup of carbon dioxide and other planet-warming chemicals in the atmosphere, it’s unlikely that this year will be more peaceful and less impactful.

Studies, such as the IPCC’s major report last year, show that where we are now is not the “new normal,” but rather a transition to a new, even more, dangerous future.

Moreover, there may be growing concerns that, while climate change may be limited to the lower to middle end of the range compared to projections from only a few years ago, the consequences of those warming levels will be more severe than expected.

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