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One of the oldest puzzles still being played today is sudoku. Here are the top 10 Android games!

Over a century old, Sudoku is one of the more established puzzles. But it’s still well-liked today as a stress reliever and a brain teaser. Older people might remember the puzzle game from newspapers, but whole books of the puzzles are available on Amazon. Of course, you can also download them as Android apps. Since Sudoku is a challenging game, most of the Sudoku apps for Android are actually rather decent. More often than not, bad Sudoku apps are the result of UI or input problems rather than flawed game mechanics. Whatever the situation, some individuals stand out from the crowd. The top Sudoku apps for Android are listed below.

  • AI Factury Sudoku
  • Andoku 3
  • Brainium Studios Sudoku
  • Conceptis MultiSudoku
  • Enjoy Sudoku
  • Sudoku
  • OkayCode Sudoku Solver
  • Sudoku – The Clean One
  • Super Sudoku

AI Factory Sudoku

AI Factory Limited Sudoku screenshot

A reputable developer created the above-average Sudoku game AI Factory Sudoku. 1,500 Sudoku puzzles in five different difficulties are included in the game. In order to track your progress over time, the game also provides stat tracking, a fastest times counter, and completion %. This Sudoku game and app follows the typical trend of having a straightforward user interface. This one, though, has a little more decoration, giving it a somewhat distinct air. While the premium version is free, the free version contains advertising. They are both essentially the same other than that.

Free or $1.99

Andoku 3

Screenshot image

One of the best Sudoku games on Android is Andoku 3. The game has a straightforward interface, limitless undo and redo capabilities, a help option in case you get stuck, and cloud syncing in case you move devices. Additionally, it offers nine difficulties, which is more than most of its rivals. Additionally, there are tutorials, colour Sudoku support, and game statistics. Ads are present in the pro version but not in the free version. Google Play Pass subscribers can also get this one for free. This one ought to be a lot more well-known than it is. The first two Andoku games are also amazing and can be found on the Play Store. If you have Google Play Pass, you can access this.

Free or $2.49

Brainium Studios Sudoku

Screenshot image

One of the cosier and more fun Sudoku games for mobile devices is made by Brainium Studios and is available on Google Play. Like most, it offers a tonne of features and puzzles. This one, though, markets itself as a tool for learning rather than a stand-alone game. The programme has five difficulties, five themes, infinite undo and redo, landscape and portrait view options, and a dark mode. Like most, the only difference between the free and paid versions is that the paid version includes advertising. This one is simple and orderly.

Free / $2.99

Conceptis MultiSudoku

Screenshot image 1

Despite having a confusing name, Conceptis MultiSudoku is a fantastic Sudoku programme. This one focuses on multi-Sudoku, or playing several Sudoku puzzles simultaneously. Each puzzle in the game can include up to five grids, there are different levels of complexity, and the puzzle library is updated frequently with fresh material. Players receive a variety of puzzles for free before having to pay for the rest. Few people have complained about that system thus far. This one ranks among the very best.

Free / Up to $3.99

Enjoy Sudoku

Screenshot image

Enjoy One of the iniital Sudoku games to appear on mobile was Enjoy Sudoku. It may appear to be not much, but this is one of the really outstanding ones. The game contains an absurdly high (17) number of degrees of difficulty, the option to add games by scanning them from your local newspaper, and tutorials for complicated skills like X-Wing, sashimi fish, and colouring. In case things get a little too challenging, there is also a hint and solver system. It’s a shame that there hasn’t been an update since 2015 for this. If you decide to purchase it, please careful to test it out within the return period because it could not function properly on the newest Android versions.

$2.99 Sudoku

Genina Sudoku screenshot

One of the most played Sudoku games on Android is from Four basic difficulty levels, a wide variety of puzzles, unlimited undo and redo, a hint system, and a progress tracker are all features of the game. Though the UI is more user-friendly than most, the figures may be higher.

Thankfully, the undo function prevents that from being a major issue. It’s still a very good Sudoku game, though. Those who have Google Play Pass can download this one for nothing and without any ads. Others can watch advertisements for free or pay $1.99 to remove them. Additionally, Google Play Pass offers the premium version without charge.

Free / $1.99

OkayCode Sudoku Solver

OkayCode Sudoku Solver screenshot

The app OkayCode Sudoku Solver is a straightforward Sudoku solver. It is not a game and does not contain any unique puzzles. The programme automatically solves a puzzle for you when you enter the numbers from it. This is a useful tool for anyone who still use Sudoku books or the newspaper. Even while we would have preferred that the app supported scanning for simpler input, it is completely free and does not require any in-app payments.

Sudoku – The Clean One

Sudoku The Clean One screenshot

One of the newest Sudoku apps is called Sudoku – The Clean One. It has a sleek, straightforward user interface with both a light and a dark mode. It’s undoubtedly one of the list’s top-looking Sudoku apps. Other features include an optional hint system, digit highlighting, auto saving, and five different levels of difficulty. The only issue we could discover concerned the advertising, which is removed if you purchase the premium edition. This one is quite flashy, but it supports it with a reliable, straightforward Sudoku experience.

Free / Up to $2.99

Screenshot image

By a significant margin, is the most played Sudoku game on the list. Numerous puzzles, daily tasks, seasonal Sudoku events, a number highlight feature, a hint system, unlimited undos, and six different levels of difficulty are all included. The game adopts a mainstream approach to its features and user interface, thus it is clear that not everyone will enjoy it. For example, some gamers can require more than one clue for each puzzle and refuse to view a quick video for more challenges. In any event, many people will be satisfied with this because it is the McDonald’s of sudoku. If you utilise Google Play Pass, you can also grab this one for free.

Free / Up to $2.99

Super Sudoku

Screenshot image

Our selection for this list’s “diamond in the rough” is Super Sudoku. It has some respectable capabilities and features. It features many colour themes, operates offline, and has player data so you can track your development. A hint system, five difficulty levels, a sleeker than typical UI, and some customizability options are also included. It’s still really new, and if you’re not paying attention, the numbers occasionally can be challenging to hit. Otherwise, this Sudoku game is quite good and is free with advertisements.

Tell us about any outstanding Sudoku games or applications we overlooked in the comments. Check out the top 10 PC games for Sudoku by clicking here.

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