Why did Amou Haji the world’s ‘dirtiest man’ die?

Amou Haji

Amou Haji was terrified of taking a bath. Amou enjoyed eating rotten meat and being filthy. Amou had established his camp by constructing a brick boundary wall since he also preferred the hole to dwell in.

He did not act in a manner typical of everyday people. Amou Haji stated that he had gone 65 years without bathing. Amou used to become angry when those around him made him take a bath. On Sunday, Amou’s fears came true, and after a few days of bathing, he became ill and passed away. Amou Haji was actually worried about having a bath. Amou enjoyed getting dirty and eating rotten meat.

Amou had established his camp by constructing a brick boundary wall since he also preferred the pit to dwell in. According to Dr. Chinmoy Gupta, a physician from Indo-European Health Care, taking a cold bath can occasionally cause vasoconstriction, which results in cardiac arrest. Dr. Chinmoy Gupta continues by stating that after working out, many people utilize ice-cold water in hotels and other public places. As a result, they get cardiac arrest, which ultimately results in death.

Amou Haji was obviously afraid of being clean because he was made to take a bath. After a few days of bathing, Amou Haji became unwell and passed away.

The medical media have not revealed the precise cause of Iranian citizen Amou Haji’s death, although Indian physicians look at cardiac arrest as a potential factor. The so-called “dirtiest man” in the world, Amou Haji, passed away after 94 years. Amou Haji has the reputation of being a dirty person even though there is no record of his being the dirtiest. Amou Haji had a bath with soap and water a few months ago, but his health quickly declined afterward. On Sunday, Amou Haji passed away. A person’s capacity for adaptation provides him the freedom to live a different life.

No direct relation to Amou Haji’s death by bathing

According to Tv9 Bharatvarsh, Dr. Anshuman Kumar, Head of the Department of Oncology at the Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital in Delhi, there is no connection between death by bathing and cancer. There is no medical proof that someone who hasn’t taken a bath in years perished as a result of water splashing on his body. Amou Haji of Iran, who was 94 years old, passed away for a variety of reasons, including advancing age and the emergence of numerous diseases.

Amou , according to Dr. Kumar, was older than 90 years. They may have illnesses that affect the heart. Dr. Kumar says that Amou must have been afraid of water because of the body’s prolonged absence of water. As a result, when Amou took a bath, his body’s degree of mental stress would have substantially grown and his heart’s arteries would have been obstructed by old age. Actually, by pouring water on the body, the body’s stress level would have grown, increasing the risk of a heart attack. Despite the fact that Dr. Anshuman acknowledges the potential, he asserts that Amou cannot be killed by water.

The head of the community medicine department at Safdarjung Hospital, Dr. Jugal Kishore, believes that someone who had not had a bath in decades must have been exceedingly lazy. As a result, the body will develop numerous disorders.

Dr. Jugal Kishore predicted that as Amou became older, his health would likewise deteriorate and numerous sections of his body would start to fail. Only a coincidence may explain Amou’s passing after having a bath. Therefore, a connection between death and bathing should never be made. In order to learn about Amou’s significant diseases, according to Dr. Jugal Kishore, the cause of his death must first be determined.

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