iOS 16 Is Now Available To Install 


Every device that qualifies has received Apple’s iOS 16 and watch OS 9 updates. The public beta or developer beta users of the program were the first to receive the iOS 16 upgrade. For iPhone users, the update is about 3 GB in size. Apple supports Watch Series 4 and later with watchOS 9.

With many different personalization choices, comprising widgets, the most current version of iOS will have a recently redesigned Lock Screen. New modifications to iMessage and the Apple Maps app will also be contained in iOS 16. With the launch of watchOS 9, new fitness tracking characteristics will be obtainable, containing additional metrics for heart rate and height data.

How to install iOS 16 on your device?

You can get the update for free by going to the Settings app on your iPhone, selecting the “General” tab, and then selecting “Software Update.”

Connect your device to a power source when one is available, or make sure it has at least 50% battery life. If you like a tethered alternative, you can upgrade your mobile by attaching it to a computer and using iTunes, after which you will tap on “Install Now.”

Features with the new iOS 16

Users had access to the iOS 16 public betas for a long period. If you are aware of what was previously stated, you would be aware that downloading iOS 16 won’t be any different. Since 2017 after the fall, every model on the market is equipped to use the iOS 16 format. To support features like Live Text and Visual Look Up, an A11 Bionic processor or newer versions are required for the majority of functionality. You’ll be fine if you own an iPhone XR or any post-release phone.

With iOS 16, the Lock Screen is more individualized, gorgeous, and practical. The subjects of pictures are now artistically placed in front of the clock on the Lock Screen, giving the appearance of depth, thanks to a unique layering result. Additionally, users can alter the appearance of the date and time by selecting expressive typefaces and color schemes. Focus has also undergone adjustments from Apple. Users of iOS 16-powered smartphones can now have distinct Focuses with customized lockscreens.

Three new capabilities are coming to Messages from Apple: the ability to modify messages, the ability to undo sent messages to retrieve previously sent messages, and the capacity to designate a message thread as read. Additionally, it introduced SharePlay to apps.

Focus: This function, which was added in iOS 15, has been improved. You can get unique editing tools for photos that were not before available. Even more, expanded in this version of iOS, you can now copy the text out of images. You can now copy the text in videos as well. That’s probably the most exciting part.

Passkeys: Instead of using a password, you can log in to websites, apps, and services using digital keys verified by your face or fingerprint on an iPhone. It is compatible with non-Apple products. Passkeys can be recovered if your iPhone is lost or damaged because they are synced using iCloud Keychain.

Apple Pay Later 

Users of this brand-new financial service can divide the amount of an Apple Pay transaction into four equal payments over six weeks without incurring interest or late penalties.

It signifies the introduction of the iPhone manufacturer into the booming buy now, pay later (BNPL) market.

Apple Pay Later currently only seems to be available to iPhone and Mac customers in the US. If it will be made available to Apple consumers in the UAE is still unknown to the consumers.