ICC T20 World Cup 2022: No serious injury to Rohit after being hit during training session

After being hit during a training session prior to the ICC T20 World Cup semifinal match between India and England, Rohit Sharma gave Team India a fear that he would sustain an injury. He allegedly did not sustain any serious wounds, though.

Rohit suffered no significant injuries

Before facing previous champion England in the 2022 ICC T20 World Cup semifinal, Team India survived a fright. The captain, Rohit Sharma, took a hard punch to the forearm on Tuesday in Adelaide during an optional training session. It wasn’t a serious injury, though. At the Adelaide Oval, Rohit was engaging in basic practise drills while competing against the team’s throwdown specialist, S Raghu. His right forearm was punched by a short ball that leaped off the length area. The skipper was clearly in discomfort as he attempted a pull shot but missed the ball. He resumed his workout after putting an ice pack on the hurt arm and taking some time to unwind.

According to team sources, the captain is doing well and should play against England in the semifinal on Thursday. “When he batted for the second time, he didn’t have much discomfort. X-rays or CT scans might not be required. Additionally, there is a middle day that is an optional session. Right now, it doesn’t seem serious “According to a source, PTI.

Rohit, who was sitting on an ice box after being hit, appeared despondent and in severe agony as he watched the training session from a distance. Paddy Upton, a mental conditioning instructor, was observed interacting with him for a while. After some time, Rohit resumed his training, but throwdown professionals did not go all out because he was largely defensive with his shoots and making sure his stirs were alright.

Rohit enjoys playing the exquisite pull shot, which has earned him many runs, but it has also cost him some wickets. Rohit was removed playing the pull-shot against Zimbabwe and South Africa during this tournament, while he was taken down in the deep while attempting to bat horizontally against Bangladesh.

During the 2021 England series, Rohit too experienced the same kinds of dismissals. It is a stroke with a huge potential for reward and is fundamental to Rohit as a player. He devotes the most of his training time on the pull, whether it is played in front of or behind the square. Even on Tuesday, after being hit, Rohit repeated a few pulls during the second training session with Raghu fetching it to the back from length.

Hand-eye coordination is one of the necessary conditions for performing the stroke. However, when reflexes are just starting to slow down with age and reaction times are a fraction longer, execution may suffer. On Thursday in Adelaide, the second semifinal will feature an England vs. India matchup. In the first semi-final, which will take place on Wednesday in Sydney, Pakistan and New Zealand will also face off.