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Premier League returns for the 2022-23 season from 5th August with new rules

Premier League is set to begin on 5th August for its 31st season starting a little earlier than previous years as there’s the upcoming World Cup also to be squeezed in between the schedule of the respective leagues.

There are a few changes in the League this season other than the new players that we’re going to see. Let’s get into the details of the Updates in Rules…

5 Subs instead of 3:

The most notable change is that now each team would be allowed to make 5 substitutions in a game compared to 3 as per last season’s rules.

We saw the same rule being used when EPL came back after the unprecedented pandemic and lockdown in effect during 2019-20.

This rule continued in the European Competition (UEFA) & some other leagues of Europe of allowing 5 subs while the English Premier league reverted back to the old rule of 3 subs.

Now, 5 substitutions would be allowed from a bench of 9 subs available to choose from, but there’s a catch for the managers & head coaches in this. They won’t be able to make changes as and when they feel like it. The teams can make changes at three intervals during the game other than the changes made during Half-time.

Taking the Knee:

Another change is that now players will not take the knee in every match. Now the gesture in support of anti-racism will be done in a select few matches.

A change that came out was for a medical emergency in the audience stands.
The clubs and players have been asked not to stop the game for a medical emergency in the crowd unless absolutely necessary as there is a doctor available for medical assistance for the audience in every match.


There is a change for the referees as well. Assistant referees have been told to only put off raising their flag for a clear offside in close calls and situations where there is a good chance of a goal.

The Multi-Ball rule change:

The League would now bring the multi-ball system to cut down on delays on instances when the ball is out of play. To implement this, there will be 8 balls in total available around the periphery of the pitch on cones next to the match assistants, one with the 4th match official and one match ball. The extra balls will help reduce any delays happening due to the ball being out of play.

Match Postponement:

The clubs have been allowed the provision to request for postponement of a match because of players missing, but the League’s management will thoroughly assess each case before allowing any match to be postponed.

Premier League
PL’s announcement for Match Postponement

Premier League management said- “games will only be rescheduled if the impact of player unavailability on a club’s squad is truly exceptional and where the club concerned has taken all reasonable steps to avoid the necessity to make the application”

Other than these, we will get to see a new ball for this season as we have already seen in earlier seasons….

Another rule that we didn’t know needed a mention was that “the referee tosses the coin” before the match. This rule barely makes any difference but if it’s there, we thought it’s best to mention it.

Penalty & Goalkeeper:

The next rule comes in for the goalkeepers. It says that When the ball is kicked, the keeper must have at least one foot in contact with, in line with, or behind the goal line. The law still requires a keeper to have at least one foot on or above the line until a penalty is called. This means that a goalkeeper cannot stand behind or in front of the goal line.

Mid-season break:

This season will take a one-month break beginning November 12/13 and ending on Boxing Day, December 26 due to the FIFA World Cup being held in Qatar.

Click the link below to see Premier League’s updates on all the new rules and updates.

Premier League on Twitter: “What’s new in the #PL for 2022/23? ✨ 🧵 THREAD” / Twitter

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