Everything about the New Creed 3 trailer

Everything about the New Creed 3 trailer

The much-anticipated Creed III trailer, which has been on the minds of moviegoers and boxing lovers for a while, was unveiled earlier today. Along with Jonathan Majors and some well-known actors from the previous Creed movies, the movie stars Michael B. Jordan, who makes his directorial debut.

The acclaimed Rocky films with Sylvester Stallone continue in the Creed series. Jordan was looking to take on the difficult challenge of directing a movie, even though Stallone had appeared in the first two installments of Creed. Stallone felt that his character had peaked.

As one of the images depicts him with his daughter, who appears to be older than a toddler, the plot of Creed III takes place years after his triumph over Victor Drago. Adonis’s boyhood friend Damian, played by Jonathan Majors, is a new character that is introduced. After spending a significant amount of time in prison, Damian returns home. He attempts to get back in touch with Adonis with the ulterior motive of assuming control over the life that Adonis is currently leading.

The WBC interim super middleweight champion David Benavidez’s brother Jose Benavidez Jr. and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, boxing’s biggest star, are featured in the video. The trailer features retired former champion, Tony Bellew.

He appears to be returning to the storyline after serving as the main villain in the first Creed movie. Jordan stated during the press conference preceding the trailer’s release that although Mexican culture has a tremendous influence on boxing, it hasn’t been depicted in that way on the big screen. He, therefore, believed it was a significant element of the plot that was lacking in the series. One of the most eagerly awaited movies of the first three months of 2023 will be Creed III, which opens in theatres on March 3, 2023.

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