Monday Declared As The Worst Day In A Week

Do the Monday blues really exist? Do you too find it difficult to return to work after a remarkably relaxing weekend? Or are you one of those people who experiences sadness every Sunday night? So, you’re not alone after all. Monday is officially recognized as the “worst day of the week” by Guinness World Records. We’re not kidding around.

The keeper of the records tweeted the update. We are officially declaring the day to be the worst day of the week, it said.

Users of Twitter could not help but express their opinions about the most recent record.

One of the first to leave a remark on the page was “Red the Angry Bird,” the fictional character from the video game and animated film. It said, “Took you long enough.”

Why do people hate Mondays so much?


Everyone who works in an organization or at any other location has the same question: “Why does Monday come?” Being miserable on Monday, the first day of every week, is a pretty regular occurrence. The issue is not that it is Monday; rather, it is that Monday always arrives after the weekend. Only since Monday is the last day of every weekend, the notion of it might make individuals anxious and frustrated.

People who are employed wait all week for the weekend and, when it does, they beg God to put off the dreaded Monday. However, it is regrettable that no one can postpone Monday.

Reasons why Monday is theoretically annoying?

Sleeping on Monday is only a dream 

Some of us try to make up for the lack of sleep we experience during the workweek by sleeping in on the weekends. Others simply don’t sleep enough on the weekends. Whatever the cause, a few of us are eager to get up on Monday morning.

Your body clock might be off by up to 45 minutes if you sleep in just a little bit longer each day on the weekends, making it increasingly harder to wake up on Monday.

End of Weekends 

Because it comes after two days of freedom and enjoyment, Mondays are generally disliked. But that’s pure imagination to the majority. Whether you’re single or responsible for a family, the weekend is when you do your chores like cleaning, shopping, fixing, and buying.

Therefore, weekends are not what they seem to be. Even so, there are many times when you might choose to remain silent and do whatever you choose, making Monday a difficult shock to accept.

Mood shift from lazy Sunday 

When people are asked to keep track of their feelings on a regular basis, scientists have discovered that Mondays are no more stressful or depressing than Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. People only prefer Fridays because they are looking forward to the weekend. Every day at work is awful, other than that.

However, if you ask individuals to recall which day was the worst, Monday is always the answer. This is due to the fact that the emotional transition from Sunday—a joyful weekend day—to Monday—a work day—is greater than the transition between two work days. 

Little Monday Motivation 

Technically, you can’t escape the first work day of the week. So might as well just get motivated a little and take Mondays a little seriously.

Mondays signal the start of a routine week. It helps us realize that our much-anticipated weekend is over and that it’s time to return to reality. But even if the majority of us are groggy and are still processing the end of the weekend, we must force ourselves to get back into work mode.