10 Best Macaron Places

Every few weeks, it seems like a fresh wave of cutely adorned macarons emerges as a new popular trend, causing everyone to go crazy. For a while, Angry Bird macarons were the “it” dessert. After that, there was the macaron doughnut. Unicorn macarons are the most recent obsession. So, we have listed some of the best shops around the world that sell the best kind of macarons. 

Pierre Hermé (Paris, France)


Pierre Hermé has spent his entire life perfecting the art of French desserts, particularly the macaron. At the age of 14, Hermé received training from famous French chef Gaston Lenôtre. In 2016, he was named the World’s Best Pastry Chef for his achievements as a pastry chef. His shop can be found in various locations in Paris. The pricing starts from €2.50.

Bottega Louie (Los Angeles, USA)

Louie is arguably most known for its towers of brightly coloured, French macarons presented gorgeously in the windows — and deservedly so, for they are quite delicious (and gluten free). Quite the spot for a LA dessert place. The pricing of boxes ranges from $12.50. 

Ladurée (Paris, France)


The confectioner, which was founded in 1862, today has more than 50 stores globally, including 15 in France, as well as shops in Milan, Doha, London, New York City, and other cities, where it provides a selection of classic (vanilla, chocolate) and trendy (strawberry mint, chestnut) flavours.The pricing of the macarons starts from $2.80. 

Aoki Sadaharu (Paris, France & Japan)

If you’re feeling daring and brave after leaving Pierre’s patisserie, go to Aoki Sadaharu for some more innovative flavour combinations. This patisserie is noted for its macaron flavours that is anything but standard, with a distinct sense of Japanese influence. The cost of the macaron starts from $7.35. 

Chantal Guillon (California, USA)


Based in San Francisco On the West Coast, Chantal Guillon is a favourite. The glacés are macarons that are filled with ice cream rather than ganache or buttercream. Perfect for the summer! If you don’t want to stick to the original recipe, there are many options: Tahitian Vanilla, Italian Pistachio, and Espresso Coffee are all delicious. The pricing starts at $1.50.

Hugo & Victor (Paris, France)

In this sleek store, pastry chef Hugues Pouget provides classic and seasonal flavours duelling characters — the inventive Hugo and the more classic Victor. There are also macarons, chocolates, and breakfast goodies available. This shop will probably get you hooked. Even the pricing starts at a minimum cost of €5.20.

Bisous Ciao (New York, USA)


Don’t be fooled by the small size of these downtown New York City stores. Bisous Ciao’s macarons have a lot of taste. Seasonal collections, in addition to great standbys like chocolate and vanilla, are also popular. Blood Orange, Blackberry, and Thai Tea are currently available. There are a variety of box sizes and delivery options to pick from, in addition to a variety of flavours. The pricing starts from $2.25.

Carette (Paris, France)

Carette is one of Paris’s most fashionable macaron eateries. It’s a unique experience in itself, with the emphasis on taking your time to unwind and savour your pastries. Carette was founded in Place du Trocadéro in 1927 by Jean Carette and his wife Madeleine. The pricing starts from $2. 

La Belle Miette (Australia)


La Belle Miette, a three-location patisserie in Australia, takes Paris down under with innovative ingredient combinations. The Bastille is a mix of Moet et Chandon champagne with black currant. As a result, there are almost 20 different flavours on the menu. The pricing in this shop starts from $19.80 per box. 

Gérard Mulot (Paris, France)

Gérard Mulot has been using a colourful palette to add pizazz to his work since 1975. Mulot’s boutiques, macarons, and gift boxes have been bursting with his distinctive combination of vivid hues since the beginning. The pricing starts from €9.