6 best ExpressVPN features – making it No. 1

ExpressVPN is one of the most well-known and biggest VPN providers. It has been providing protection and privacy for a long time, having been founded in 2009 and operated by a British Virgin Islands-based firm. Their enormous number of features, along with a wide range of server locations, make it a difficult service to beat. Here is our take on 6 best ExpressVPNs features:

ExpressVPN feature

When it comes to encrypted connections, you should always expect a speed drop, ExpressVPN features an up-to-date and modern servers that use a unique protocol called Lightway. Its functionality is quite similar to WireGuard, and it’s significantly quicker than OpenVPN because it’s only written with 1000 lines of code. The speed drop was around 35%, which is not surprising given that the connection is encrypted. It can also differ significantly based on the number of users per server, your geographic location, and the connection you use.

Overall, whether you’re downloading torrents or watching TV series and movies online, there’s nothing to complain about in terms of speed.

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2. Security and Privacy

ExpressVPN is a highly secure service that safeguards customers’ privacy in a variety of ways. To begin with, the company is registered in the British Virgin Islands to escape spying authorities, yet there are no data retention directives in place in the territory, this is one of its most promising features.

Furthermore, the program regularly switches IP addresses to safeguard your connection, with apps available for virtually any device in use today. For example, by connecting your router to ExpressVPN, you may protect your whole home network.

The website also includes tests for not just WebRTC leaks, but also DNS servers, which are used to convert IP addresses into names. This is because ExpressVPN offers dedicated DNS IP addresses, so you don’t have to rely on Google’s or your ISP’s DNS servers. Last but not the least, you may pay for your VPN subscription fully anonymously using Bitcoin, which many people prefer.

ExpressVPN feature
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3. Servers

ExpressVPN is an excellent alternative for people who need to connect from a broad range of geographical regions since it has over 3,000 servers in 94 different countries. Lightway, OpenVPN, L2TP, and IKEV2 are among the top VPN protocols available.

ExpressVPN has also put a lot of emphasis on user-friendliness, with various guides available on the website to help you with connections. They also have a section dedicated to connection issues in China, which is one of the most closely watched countries on earth.

In the numerous protocols utilized, each server uses 256-bit encryption, which is recommended by security experts all around the world. This level of encryption is also used by the military, and each IP address you connect to has its DNS server, ensuring that your browser requests are not leaked. The security features provided by ExpressVPN sets it apary from other VPN’s and enhances user reliability.

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4. ExpressVPN features – Split Tunnelling

Split tunneling is a feature which may be required if you’ve decided to run ExpressVPN through your router rather than through applications on specific devices. It lets you connect to the internet while simultaneously using another network device, such as a remote printer. This is supported by the ExpressVPN App for your router, which you may customize to your preference.

For example, you may set up your network to secure all of your computers by making them pass their traffic through the VPN but leave your printer accessible to regular traffic. Someone else might still use the printer if you’ve shared it.

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5. Government-grade Encryption

We’ve previously discussed privacy and speed as two of the most important features of a VPN. Another important feature is security, which has two components when it comes to VPNs, the sort of encryption they employ to safeguard your data and the protocols they use to transfer it. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES – 256) with 256-bit keys is used by ExpressVPN.

Many government secrets are protected by this encryption standard across the world. To put it another way, a 256-bit key means that there are a large number of potential combinations to try to crack before anybody else can see your data. 

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6. Torrenting and Netflix

Peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) has been the subject of much debate throughout the world for a long time. Many big companies have pushed ISPs to identify and penalize P2P users for a variety of offenses ranging from software piracy to Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) violations.

Using a VPN reduces the risk of P2P users being persecuted, however, some VPNs refuse to allow or restrict P2P activity. ExpressVPN, on the other hand, has a website dedicated to instructing its users how to set up a torrent client on their account!

On ExpressVPN, we were able to achieve the same torrent speed as we normally get, which is great.

Netflix is another company that tries to limit its users’ access. This company divides users into regions, with various regions having access to different types of content. ExpressVPN also shows you how to use their service to obtain access to Netflix from anywhere.

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ExpressVPN feature

ExpressVPN provides excellent customer service, which is available via the FAQ, tutorials, and a helpful live chat. If you wish to be more detailed or if the error is very complicated, you can also send them an email. ExpressVPN impresses right away with features that are generally only available as options, as well as a solid platform that works across a wide range of devices. Their browser options for Chrome and Firefox are also a bonus, as are their home support for game consoles, routers, and IoT devices.

ExpressVPN differs from many other providers in that it includes a complete package. You simply gain access to a large number of extra services and features with ExpressVPN.

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