Don’t Worry Darling Gets A Standing Ovation


On Monday, at the Venice Film Festival was the international debut of Olivia Wilde’s Don’t Worry Darling. Harry Styles, Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, and Florence Pugh, who had flown in late from the Dune 2 Budapest set, flanked Wilde as she witnessed her movie earn a rousing five-minute plus standing ovation.

There was undoubtedly some hope that the controversy surrounding Olivia Wilde’s highly anticipated sophomore film Don’t Worry Darling would be put to rest for the star-studded world premiere later that evening. However, the drama managed to escalate even further after an awkward press conference at the Venice Film Festival on Monday (where questioning was closed down by the moderator).

About Don’t Worry Darling 

Don’t Worry Darling is so obviously not set in a dreamy 1950s neighborhood that to argue it has a twist would be an absolute lie. It’s dishonest, simple, and cheeky, much like the movie itself, which starts out well before settling into puzzling storytelling decisions that are made worse by their repulsive motivations. The fact that the movie also features outstanding technical work, an excellent immersive feel, and one of star Florence Pugh’s best performances yet makes it even more aggravating.


According to Deadline, the film Don’t Worry Darling is about an unhappy housewife in the 1950s who learns a startling reality while her devoted husband keeps a sinister secret.

Pine is slated to play the revered leader of a shadowy, cult-like workplace, according to a previous Collider report. Layne will play Pugh’s neighbor, who displays strange, paranoid behavior and tries to warn Pugh that nothing in their neighborhood is as it seems.


Chris Pine as Frank

– Olivia Wilde as Mary

– Florence Pugh as Alice

– Gemma Chan as Shelley

– Nick Kroll as Bill

– Harry Styles as Jack

– Douglas Smith as John

– KiKi Layne as Margaret

– Timothy Simons as Dean

– Asif Ali as Peter

– Dita Von Teese plays the Burlesque Dancer

– Sydney Chandler as Bunny

– Ari’el Satchel as Kevin 

Harry Styles kisses Nick Kroll during the 5-minute ovation 

While their drama-riddled movie Don’t Worry Darling received a four-minute standing ovation, Harry Styles kissed Nick Kroll on the cheek.

Despite the movie being panned by critics, the singer gave the actor a passionate kiss as the audience respectfully applauded.

The kiss was far from the most dramatic part of the premiere, which came after allegations of tension behind the scenes and a conflict between the director Olivia and the movie’s star, Florence Pugh, damaged the movie. However, we all know how funny Styles can get in events, and remember the kiss between Cordan and Styles? Yes, that.

Florence Pugh turned away from Wilde 

Whether it was on the red carpet, where Florence Pugh got along with everyone but Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles, or at the screening of Don’t Worry, Darling, where Chris Pine and Gemma Chan sat in the middle of the group. According to Variety, Florence, who was overcome with emotion, turned completely away from her director and faced and danced with co-star Nick Kroll when the audience gave Don’t Worry Darling a 4-minute standing ovation.

According to Variety, if Pugh hadn’t started moving toward the exit about three minutes into the standing ovation, it would have continued longer. The audience applauded, especially during one of the film’s more dramatic scenes. This inspired the rest of the cast to do the same, with Wilde doing it last. Given the two’s treatment of each other with disdain at the Venice Film Festival in 2022, it is clear that there may be a considerable conflict between the two outstanding women.