Horror Incidents Movies 2022: Scary accidents happened with these celebs in shooting


Almost everyone enjoys Horror Incidents watching scary films. Some prefer to watch it alone, while others enjoy doing both. Both positive and negative energy is considered to surround us. Someone or anything may experience it occasionally. You must have heard a ghost story in your home from a wise person or a friend. However, both a lot of people and a lot of people do not believe in it. Numerous Bollywood celebrities have also come to understand these situations while filming their movies and have later spoken out about them. Let’s find out which movies had actors feeling like way while they were filming them.

Horror Incidents

Bhool Bhulaiyaa

Manichitrathaju, a Malayalam film by Priyadarshan, was translated into Hindi as Bhool Bhulaiyaa. It was chosen to film the majority of the movie at Chomu Palace, which is close to Jaipur, when he made the decision to do this movie in Hindi. This palace has also been the subject of numerous well-known tales. People with a connection to the shooting talked about their experiences.

Although there was full quiet in the palace, according to Horror Incidents, when everyone went following the shooting and only the packing job remained, the people present felt like someone else. They initially believed that this sensation was brought on by the high wind and the noises it made, but as time went on, they began to sense actual presences about them.


In his movie “Stree,” actor Rajkummar Rao described a particularly terrifying encounter. Although he was not the subject of this story, he was nonetheless tremendously terrified after hearing it. “We were handed notes before the shooting,” Rajkummar Rao said, “in which such directions were such as no one should apply any kind of perfume, girls should not keep their hair open, do not go out alone, etc.

” Once, at 2:30 or 3, we were shooting. One of our light boys was perched 20 to 30 feet in the air when he abruptly plummeted from there. He shouted that someone had shoved him as soon as he collapsed. He was harmed, and Horror Incidents spent three to four days in the hospital. Everything was terrified by this.

Bajirao Mastani

While filming “Bajirao Mastani,” actor Ranveer Singh had an odd and unusual experience. Ranveer claimed that while the movie was being made, he sensed Bajirao’s ghost. Ranveer had already Horror Incidents expressed how terrified he was by the situation.


While filming “Footpath,” Bipasa Basu had a terrible incident. Bipasha had mentioned that Mukesh Mill had been the location for the walkway in her film. I had to film on the building’s second floor during the day. When I needed to speak the dialogue later, I was by myself in my room, but I kept getting the impression that someone was preventing me.

When Vikram Bhatt repeatedly questioned my hairstylist about how Bipasha was feeling, this kept happening. Horror Incidents finally came to the conclusion that we should go. The crew also performed a puja there the following day so that we could finish the filming, but the pundit who performed the puja also had an accident. The scene was then filmed somewhere else.

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