Here’s what the Internet has to say about Pepsi’s new logo, which has become a viral sensation.


The new Pepsi logo is straightforward and classic in style, with a nod towards the brand’s storied past. In 2008, the soda bottles began using the present branding. It’s been over 15 years, and it’s finally time for a change. Have a look at the reactions of the internet to the new logo.

Pepsi, a multinational beverage manufacturer, recently unveiled a new logo, including the company’s now-iconic red and blue colour scheme alongside a sleek, modern typeface. In North America, the new logo will debut this year, while the rest of the world won’t see it until 2019.

From 2008 until 2022, the design included a blue background, a globe in red, blue, and white, and the word “Pepsi” in lowercase. Pepsi is now boldly displayed in uppercase letters in the centre of the red, blue, and white globe.

After nearly 15 years, I’ve decided to make a switch. The company’s chief marketing officer, Todd Kaplan, greeted the public with the words, “Welcome to a new era of Pepsi!” alongside an image of the new logo.

The new Pepsi logo and visual identity, he added, “will be pushed out in the US this fall.”

With the caption “Let us to reintroduce ourselves,” Todd Kaplan also released a teaser video.

It’s obvious that the post went viral and received a broad variety of reactions on social media. Some people liked the changes we made, but others were not as enthusiastic.

“The creator of the Twitter Blue logo is also responsible for its creation. The inability to think outside the box is shocking “someone who uses the service wrote. An further user remarked, “It manages to look both dated and current at the same time. In this case, they acted wisely. Previous branding ignored what made Pepsi unique and hip.”

Another comment read: “In remembrance of the previous Pepsi logo, here are again bits and pieces of the really deranged design paper.”