McDonald’s is getting ready to announce corporate layoffs and has temporarily closed its headquarters in the United States. Report

According to media sources, McDonald’s, one of the largest fast food companies in the world, will temporarily close all of its offices in the United States this week in preparation for informing its corporate staff of a new round of layoffs.


According to a Wall Street Journal article published on Sunday, fast food hamburger behemoth McDonald’s Corp will temporarily close its US headquarters this week in preparation for informing corporate staff about its layoffs as part of a bigger company restructure.

According to the article, McDonald’s asked some domestic and international employees to telecommute on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so that the company could make virtual staffing decisions. It’s unclear how many employees will be laid off.

In a statement obtained by the Journal, the Chicago-based company said that “during the week of April 3, we will communicate significant decisions pertaining to positions and employment levels across the organisation.” According to the report, McDonald’s reportedly asked its employees to delay any scheduled meetings with customers, vendors, or other outside parties that might need them to travel to the company’s headquarters.

The fast food giant said in January that, as part of a revised business plan, it will be reviewing its overall staffing levels. As a result of this analysis, certain departments may see cuts while others see increases.

It is expected that McDonald’s will begin making big announcements on Monday. On Wednesday, the company plans to notify employees of the layoffs.

As a result of the global economic recession and rising inflation, more and more businesses are laying off employees. Google, Amazon, and Facebook are just a few of the digital titans that have recently reduced their workforce significantly.

Indian programmers have been hit particularly hard by the recent round of layoffs at American tech companies. Countless former US workers who were employed on temporary visas are now out of work and have a very limited time frame in which to locate new employment.