The New Microsoft Outlook app now also works with personal accounts

The New Microsoft Outlook app now also works with personal accounts

For Windows 11, Microsoft has been working on creating a new Outlook. Office Insiders were initially introduced to it in the Beta Channel after it was officially revealed in May 2022. It was originally only compatible with business email accounts but is now also compatible with individual Microsoft accounts.

Web-based, the new Outlook client for Windows delivers an interface strikingly similar to Outlook online. It works with Loop Components, has a new interface, and includes built-in support for Microsoft To Do. The option to import settings from the original Outlook will also be available.

Microsoft intends the new Outlook to eventually take the place of the built-in Mail & Calendar apps in Windows 11, although that day is most likely still fairly far off. The software presently lacks support for a number of features, such as multi-account support and the ability to utilize third-party email accounts, in order to compete with the built-in Windows 11 Mail & Calendar apps.

The new Microsoft Outlook upcoming features

  • Multi-account
  • Offline
  • Account support (
  • account support (Gmail, Yahoo!, iCloud, and other IMAP accounts)
  • POP support
  • Support for accounts in US Government clouds
  • Outlook data (.pst) files
  • Delegation and shared mailboxes
  • Quick Steps
  • Search Folders

By selecting the “Try the new Outlook” toggle in the top-right corner of the Outlook for Windows program, Beta Channel Insiders can test out the new Outlook user interface. Additionally, the most recent version of Outlook has been made available online for use by non-Insiders.

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