The spiritual leader Sadhguru has issued a dire warning to the construction industry: “We are headed for a catastrophic calamity.”

spiritual leader Sadhguru
spiritual leader Sadhguru

Even though India just occupies 4% of the Earth’s territory, it is home to 17.2% of the global population. In 15 years, it might reach 20%, but the land isn’t expanding, he said.

Sadhguru, a spiritual teacher, has issued a dire warning to the construction industry, saying that if they “carry on building like how they built palaces in the past,” tragedy will inevitably strike.

The founder of the Isha Foundation, while speaking to nearly 1,200 people at NARVIGATE 2023, a Real Estate Conference and Multicity Exhibition in Coimbatore, noted that while India only makes up 4% of the world’s territory, it is home to 17.2% of the world’s population. Even though the land is stagnant, it might reach 20% in just 15 years.

“If we go on building like how they built palaces in the past, we would be a terrible disaster,” Sadhguru warned Real Estate Developers.

Sadhguru criticised the system in which everyone is viewed as a criminal for its excessive bureaucracy.

Day after day, you throw us for a loop with new revisions that add even more complexity to the situation. Just lay out the regulations for a town, a city, or a hamlet, and tell us what we’re making it for. The vast majority of us will act in accordance with the rules set forth by society. There won’t be a single lawbreaker among them. Everyone, however, is now subjected to criminal treatment. According to Sadhguru, you’ll need a whopping fourteen different certifications just to acquire permission to construct a single structure.

‘This is why associations like these are really important,’ Sadhguru said when asked how developers can contribute to nation-building when they don’t have a vote in setting the laws. How about you form a new team, or hire two employees at random, to find out what protections real estate developers have? In other words, what are your options? … Find out so that you can represent the country fairly and accurately wherever you go, in every state and in Washington. In my experience, if you really give it your best in business, you will be fixed. Yet if the industry as a whole collapses, no one can save you.

“If you’re serious about succeeding, you have to realise that the industry’s success or failure directly affects your own. ‘But if you want to actually thrive, this industry must thrive,’ he concluded.

Sadhguru emphasised the importance of striking a harmony between urbanisation caused by growing migration and the need for sustainable development. To make ends meet, he continued, individuals are compelled to leave their homes and communities. Sadhguru referred to the youth population’s lack of skills as a “ticking time bomb,” stressing the importance of building skill centres to address the problem.

There are at least eight to ten million kids in the country right now who will be fifteen or sixteen years old. They fancy themselves well-educated yet being unable to add. These people are completely unable to contribute to society because they lack any relevant skills, knowledge, or education and have no plans to attend college. This is a time bomb since you’ll be unemployed and easy pickings for criminals and other undesirables, he warned.

A nation is more than the sum of its structures and infrastructure. Our ability to produce exceptional citizens is the key to achieving national greatness. He finally came to the conclusion, “If you build wonderful people, there’s a great nation.”