Twitter employees bring their own toilet paper as Elon Musk fired janitors

Twitter employees bring their own toilet paper as Elon Musk fired janitors
Elon Musk

According to a report, there aren’t enough janitors, which has “left the office in disarray,” with toilets that have “become unclean” and persistent odours of “leftover takeout food and body odour.” Because there aren’t any janitors on duty to replenish supplies, some employees are bringing their own toilet paper, the site claims.

Twitter is a complete mess now that Elon Musk has taken it. As soon as he took over, Musk fired close to 50% of the personnel in an effort to reduce costs. But with Musk in charge, the company is currently in total shambles. The facilities stink and the personnel is compelled to bring their own toilet paper because the janitors were fired from the company. The crew has noticed that there isn’t enough toilet paper in the facilities. Janitors were fired after going on strike to demand higher pay.

According to the New York Times, cleaning and security services are no longer provided at the Twitter office. The reason for the unkempt office and unclean restrooms is a lack of janitors.

The office smells like “leftover takeout food and body odour,” according to a source who talked with the publication. Employees are required to bring their own toilet paper because there are no janitors to replace supplies. The workers was reportedly forced onto only two stories after the Chief Twit shuttered the remaining four levels.

Staff has been told to work from home after Twitter ceased paying the rent on its Seattle office space. The insider claims that going ahead, Twitter will only have offices in New York and San Francisco. Additionally, Musk has let rid of cleaners and security guards at a number of his facilities in New York.

In a recent round of mass layoffs, Musk reportedly told Twitter managers who were spared from being fired to “address their spending with a concept known as zero-based budgeting.”

Musk, meanwhile, has also made investments in other things. He has hired several new employees in the last few weeks. He has employed a large number of engineers from his other companies, such as Tesla and SpaceX, to work at Twitter.